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Skip, nice to see you posting more. Only took four years since you first signed up.;)
About my absence...I could say I have been in prison for flossing salmon...but that would not be true...I actually got out of prison, a different kind though ...aka divorce only then I didn't know it was a good thing...haven't thanked her for it yet...that would not be nice, even if she unfriended me on FB-Heck I thought it was gonna be all civilized...but that takes two and I guess neither one us are fully calm and domesticated...so I suppose I did a bit of self reinvention got over my drama and depression , finally got employed in something I like again, teaching and am single with a part time girlfriend...I work part time so it only makes sense i would have a part time girl as well...no plans to change that...plus she now fly fishes and we do stuff together...and I do paint as much or more than i ever did...Life is pretty good...I may even post about fishing soon...who knows anything can happen the road is laid out in front of me...Thanks for the reminder!
Hi everyone! Just joined, was invited here by another member! I was born in Sydney Australia & moved to Turku Finland 14yrs ago! I fish for pike from my float tube in our arcapelago on the Baltic sea, coastal seatrout, spawning seatrout in rivers, salmon, grayling, brown trout & whitefish! If you can catch it on a fly? I want to fish it! Been flytying for 5.5yrs now! Flyfishing & flytying chews up most of my money, but i don't care! Adam Saarinen
Hello all,

I have been fishing my whole life and discovered my love for fly fishing about 5 years ago. I mostly fish for trout but would like to find a steelhead someday. I live in a really beautiful valley in north central washington and support my fishing habit by teaching. I am excited to start lurking on here more and hopefully find some more fly fishing pals!

Welcome 509FlyGal! Flyworld needs more females, there are many in Scandinavia these days & i think it's always beautiful to see a girl or woman catch a fish on a fly infront of a guy using gear!:)

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