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Hi my name is Tim, I recently bought property in Sultan and have lived here since August. I moved to Seattle in '98 from UT where I learned to fly fish on the Green River in the Flaming Gorge area. From the moment I hooked my first Brown I was addicted to the sport. I fished several different rivers in UT including the Provo, Big Cottonwoord and others. Since moving to WA I have hiked my tube into mtn lakes in search of the natives. I have been on the stilli a couple times as well as the snoqualmie but haven't really spent much time on the sky or the sultan. Now that I am within minutes of access I plan to get to know these rivers alot better. Great to be here!! Happy Holidays!

Greetings and salutations, my name is Brandon, and while I've been visiting the site for a couple years, I've finally just registered as a user. I'm a lifelong resident of our great Evergreen State, and recently relocated from the Snohomish area to Ellensburg. While it was an easy sell to the wife to relocate on the grounds of slower pace of life, affordable property, smaller class sizes for our son ect., it just so happens to put me right next to my favorite water. Yeah, sure, no coincedence there! Anyways, just a short post to say hi, look forward to exchanging ideas, fly patterns, and fish porn with y'all. Merry Christmas and tight lines to ya'.

-E'Burg flyguy
:thumb: Chris,

Thanks for letting me know. Plan to be around for awhile. Good idea though to keep it from getting gummed up. Thanks again.

Hi! I live in the Fraser Valley in BC. Never caught a steelhead on the fly before but for some reason I have an overwhelming obsession that has come over me to do just that this year. When the magical day comes that I do get one on the fly, you'll sure hear about it!
Greetings and Happy Holidays!

My name is Mark, and I grew up here in Vancouver, WA. I have always loved fishing, but my family are certainly not fishermen and they knew very little about fishing. So from probably when I was 7 or 8 I have been learning about fishing on my own. I spent a lot of my high school years with a topo map, losing myself on forest service roads all over Skamania and Lewis Counties. After graduation I attended the Air Force Academy for 2 1/2 years in Colorado Springs, where I picked up fly fishing to distract me from the..."pleasantries" of cadet life haha. As I am sure you all know, something happens when you first have a fish smack a dry fly. You never want to do anything else, or at least I don't! So anyhow, spent some time on Colorado's famous rivers like the South Platte, the Arkansas and the Frying Pan, learning to throw a line, and occassionally, fool a trout. Now, after a few years at the Academy I made the decision that the style of life an Officer leads is not what I want, and now I am waiting at home here in Vancouver until the Air Force reassigns me for an enlistment. I just personally find the enlisted attitude and lifestyle more in parallel with how I like to live.

That's me, anyone want to go fishing? :thumb:
Hi my name is Rick, I just got back into flyfishing. I grew up in Montana and spent every day as a kid fishing. I have lived here in WA for 15 years. I have not gotten into steely/salmon fishing yet but I am sure that will come. Found the site while looking around for Wa stuff. Am looking forward to getting out more this summer. :thumb:
Hello to all, my name is Keith and I have been lurking around the site for about a month now. Like some of ther others I have yet to catch a salmon or steelhead on a fly and it has now become an obsession. I enjoy all that this site has to offer.


Hi there! My name is Dan and I live in the Bellingham area. Have been a Washington state resident all my life. Spent six summers in SE Alaska commercial, and sport fishing. Always come back home. I have always trolled, and spin cast for salmon. Did some SRC fishing around here when I was younger.
I recently(2004) got into fly fishing for salmon. Took me two summers, but finally left my spinning rod in the truck, and forced myself to use the fly rod. Foggy days were best so nobody could see my antics. I didn't know what I was missing. I'm 36 and wished I would have started about 30 years ago. Better late than never.
I bought a TFO ticr 6 wt. to use for light salmon and SRC fishing. I did a search for WA SRC fishing. That is how I found your community. I love those hard fighting fish, and here they take a fly well. Look forward to listening and learning. Thanks for the time Dan L
Hello all! Originally from interior Alaska - moved to Seattle 5 years ago, been fly fishing for approximately 15 years now, never going back! Much like some other new folks I have been visiting this site for nearly a year and enjoy the wealth of information & thought provoking banter.
Still in search of the ever elusive steelhead to hand here in WA - but every journey has been worth it. Look forward to posts and hopefully getting to know some of you and some other waters a bit better.




Be the guide...
This is great. Welcome new guys!

You've found a great fly fishing site, a great resource, and a great community.

:beer2: :thumb:

Jeff Dodd

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I love reading your BB Chris and those hats are too cool. I'm afraid if I order one I won't have the cast to back it up however. Maybe by the end of spring!

I grew up in near the mouth of Chimacum creek and now at 35, have made it all they way to the S. end of Whidbey Island! I love fishing the salt and look forward using my fly rod more in 2006! Just purchased a Weldcraft that's perfect for the sound, so I plan on a year full of fishing.

Happy New Year!
Jeff Dodd
My name is Denny. I live in the Renton area. I met some of you at the Cedar River cleanup day. Was born and raised in the town of Okanogan. Moved to the West side in the 60's. Hunted and fished since I was a young boy. Started flyfishing 20 years ago. Made some of my own rods, tie some of my flies, the ones I can still see to tie. Love nothing better than fishing on top. Do most of my fishing in the dessert lakes and rivers in Idaho and Montana. This site has been a great resource for me for many things. Someday, perhaps I can contribute something of value


Hi All. I've been reading the threads for some time and finally decided to jump in with both waders. I'm not much of an angler right now, though I spent 25 years in Alaska and flogged a lot of those waters. My main interest in the forum is learning all I can about Natural History stuff. I can't imagine folks more attuned to fish, insects, and other wild things than flyfishers.
I have a couple of questions for everyone: What topics are to be avoided? I know enough not to ask where to fish. What else will get me zapped? Do you mind if I occasionaly have a question about a mayfly I find,etc?
I live on Whidbey Island and spend as much time outdoors as possible. I look forward to someone answering my 2 questions
----Steve E.

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