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Hello.. My name is Mariel. I've just (september) been introduced to the world of spey fishing and have been fortunate to be taught by a very talented spey cast instructor. I hope to have more instruction with him more regularly this fishing season.

I can be opinionated at times, don't hold that against me. I tend to get passionate about certain issues. I'm a bit of a defender of history. I think history and culture go hand in hand and when they are brushed off for the sake of marketing.... it's kind of like dissing everything that helped get us where we are today just to earn a buck.. pretty sad really.

I have three kids and I try to teach them the right way of things before anything else - every parent does right? My girls seem to enjoy fishing as much as I do so we go out fishing and camping a few times in the spring and summer. I'll be getting them their first fly rods this spring. We've been gear heads up until I was introduced to this artistic style.

Anyway I'm always up for good debate and willing to learn. If all works well the world of spey will be an big influence in my life.
Hi, everyone-
I stumbled upon this site while desperately seeking info on steelheading. You see, I have recently relocated to the Bellingham area from Appalachia, and am anxious for my first taste of chrome. I am a lifelong fly-fishing geek, but up to this point my target species have been less, well, anadromous- not to put too fine a point on it. This website seems to be a godsend in its wealth of information and helpful, experienced members. Anyway, here's an extremely short bio: I grew up in WV and then matriculated to Missoula, where I spent 5 years majoring in hook-and-line survey techniques and how they relate to the finny denizens of the greater Clark Fork and Missouri drainages. Somewhere along the way, I also managed to obtain a BS in Fisheries Bio from UM. Now I am living here in NW WA. My other pertinent interests include rafting and hunting. I look forward to future visits to this site. By the way-this is the first online community I have ever made an attempt to be a part of.


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Native Seattleite, transplanted to Alaska in 1988 in the commercial fishing industry, permanently relocated to Juneau by 1995.

Fish are far more than a hobby...In addition to having ownership in the Seafood Industry, I have Bachelors Degrees in both Fisheries Science and Aquaculture, as well as an AS in Seafood Technology/Food Science.

In the spring I guide steelhead and DV, along with the odd salmon trip on summer days-off.

I have been a lifelong rope-thrower, but have only recently made the transition to "99.99% of the time" with the fly. I grew up fishing all types of gear for all types of fish, and still occasionally pitch hardware for steelhead and salmon.

I found this site over the holidays while looking for flyshops in the Seattle
area, and it seems like an OK place. Scenic views, local wildlife doesn't bite...:D



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Hi Everybody,

My name is Jon and I live in Kirkland, WA. Originally from Idaho Falls, ID, I grew up fishing for trout in many of the local rivers and streams. I mainly fished the South Fork of the Snake, Henry's Fork, and many of these river's tributaries.

I attended college at Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA from 1997-2001 graduating with a degree in Civil Engineering. It was during this time that I focused mainly on fly fishing. Thankfully, I met some great guys in college that were familiar with the local rivers. We made some memorable trips to the St. Joe and North Fork of the Coeur d'Alene Rivers.

Adjusting to western Washington rivers has been challenging to us Idaho boys but we are having a blast nonetheless. We spent the entire summer exploring new waters for trout. My roommate, also from Idaho Falls, is working on getting his drift boat up here. Once we have that puppy we are focusing on bigger water and bigger fish. We have just been killing ourselves trying to bank fish on the big rivers.

Anyway, this is a great site with some amazing contributors. I'll try to add as much as I get out of the site in the future.




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Hello all,
I picked up fly fishing about 8 or 9 months ago and been out a couple times. This site has helped me with everything I have needed to know so far. Been out to the Yak and a couple lakes in October. Looking to do some salt fishing and figure out what bass eat... besides rapalas. Switch almost completely over to the fly and even tied my first although it wasn't pretty.


Pat T

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Just registered today, found the forum from All About The Fly's web site. Just bought my first fly pole last weekend a TFO 9' 5wt, so this is all brand new to me. My buddy has been fly fishing for years and talked me into giving it a try, though he didn't have to twist my arm too hard. Going out tomorrow to learn how to cast, and hopefully not injur myself :) Looking forward to a lot of fishing and learning how to tie flys. Hopefully get to meet some of you along the way :beer2:
Hello fellow flyfishing addicts! I made a resolution to join after too long as a lurker so here I am. I enjoy packing a tube into mountain lakes to fish for my
beloved brookies and occaisional cutthroats. I am quickly developing cabin fever - that irritable state that lets me know I need to get out on the waters. Good fishing to all!


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Hello all!
I guess it is time that I post an introduction. I have been lurking for quite a while and really enjoy all of your comments and reports. I first logged on to learn a little something about catching a steelhead on the fly. I finally got bored catching them on conventional methods and have tried my hand with the fly rod to no avail yet. I live in the great town of walla walla and fish many of the local waters. I have spent time on a lot of rivers in montana, idaho and oregon catching trout and I guess steelhead is the next fly rod addiction. Thanks to everyone for all their great posts. I am sure to stay tuned and maybe chime in from time to time.
Greetings from SC. Came to your site for an education and decided to hang around and let you give me one. My name is Ed and I live on Lake Hartwell, 56,000 acres and with 960 miles of shoreline for bass to hide. Became addicted to fly fishing the first time I cast a line in Alabama some 35 years ago and took a 3 pound bass on a fly rod. My purpose here is to gain information on salmon fishing for a trip to Seattle this spring/summer. We visited late last year, I had no gear with me and little opportunity to do anything but sight see with wife and friends. It broke my heart to watch salmon jumping in the locks and rivers and me standing around with empty hands. This year will definately be different. Hope to learn enough to convert my bass skills to salmon fishing. Regards to all and tight lines.

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I bought my first flyrod in 1969 when I was in the 8th grade back in Michigan. I've lived in the NW for almost 30 years now. I catch a few trout and the occasional steelhead. My new goal is to catch some of those in saltwater.
Hello All:
I am John Burke, a retired Aerospace Engineer from Boeing, I have been in Washington since 1962(Originally from the Hills of Kentucky). I am a member of the Washington High Lakers, (since 1964) and the Trail Blazers (since 1972). My time has been spent fishing and stocking the High Lakes in the Cascades in conjunction with Mountain Climbing since I discovered them in 1962. I did not take up Fly Fishing until after my retirement in 1991, and now find it almost as enjoyable as climbing.
I have been Tying Flies since 1965 , (Took a course from Roy Patrick at Seattle's YMCA). My fly tying was sporadic over the years and I seldom fished what I tied, however I used to give quite a few of them away to friends.
I now live in Manson, Wa. and have slowed down on my climbing activities considerably, so I fish the Rivers and Streams around here, most notably the Stehekin, Twisp, Methow, Chewuch( I still call it the Chewack),Entiat(above the Falls), Icicle , Ingalls Cr, Robinson, etc. It is easy to lose all sense of time while casting that Dry Fly. I still consider myself a novice fly fisher and definitly have a lot to learn with mymph fishing.
Sorry about the lenght of this preamble, hope to keep in touch with the Forum
Regards, John
I too am getting the message about posting so thought I would just say Hi. I live in the Denver area so check these boards out to keep up on what is going on in Steelheading and fishing two handed rods. Thank you to all who share so freely, it really helps those of us who don't live where anadromous fish do.
Welcome / Introductions Hope this is right

My name is Steve Grayson, I'm not new to this site as I have veiwed it from afar for sometime. I've run into Fish-On and Steelie Mike on the river and they said, I should come on board and participate so here I am. My hunger for fly fishing started when we lived in Bend, OR on the Big D, I was six yrs old and dad always took me along. I was and, still am mesmerized by watching the flyline work its magic and that was 54 yrs ago. In the 4th grade we moved to what is now called Lincoln City, I hated it for awhile because it was so brushy around the rivers. I ended up using gear in the winter and the Long Rod for short periods during the summer. Mostly on the Siletz R. or Devils Lake, for trout with incidental bouts with summer steelies which did'nt work out well with the 2-4 lb tips. Moved north (Clatskanie, OR) in 1984 and in 2000 got real serious about fly fishing again, had good sucess on some rivers in Washington, only 30 minutes away as opposed to 2hrs or more for good waters in Oregon. Now 99.95% of the time, year around I fly fish with Spey or Single. Some of my goals are to get better at tying flies, (cherrie) my casting skills, hooking more Springers and I want to catch a Sturgeon down on the Tide Flats. Any help ????? I'm kinda of a loner more out of necessity as no family or friends FF. There many more goals not enough time or room for them. Thank You all as I've learned alot already looking forward to more, anyway I can help let me know. Steve G


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Hello all. Well the little box says I havn't posted yet so here goes. I'v been lurking on the sight for a while now and must say, what a great place to lurke. You folks seem to be a fun loving bunch for the most part. Some other sights get so serious A person gets almost Leary to say anything for fear that you'll get jumped, or flamed or whatever they call it. Life is to short for that. I have to admit I'm not the best at keeping up with A board so please don't get offended if I miss you're post.
Any who... I have lived in Washington my whole life less my four year hitch in the Corps after high school. I started out soaking bait at an early age on vacations with the parental units, and acquired the love of the outdoors in the morning early on. When I got home from the service being in this beautiful state, once again the fishing bug bit. Somehow I knew though, that the old ways just weren't going to cut it anymore and I wanted more action and involvement from the fishing experience. Soaking bait while drinking beer from A lawn chair held little interest. Don't get me wrong, Beer and lawn chairs are still two of my favorite things, just not sitting on the side of a lake waiting for something to happen while using them. Now days, beer and lawn chairs go best with camp fires and big fat.... fish tails. Yea, that's it. Fish tails. Never the less, I've been Fly-Fishing now for almost 18 yrs and never looked back. What A great sport. I think I like diversity the most. You can fish for anything on the fly at the right time of year. These days I don't get to get out as much as I'd like to. 40 hrs A week (or more), tend to get in the way. Add in the price of gas, lodging, two grade school kids, old cars, the wife, and A single income four person family, and the fishing experiences don't come as frequently as they once did. That's ok, it just makes them allot more appreciated when they do. I tie my own flies as best I can, and am actually getting better at it. Mostly out of financial necessity, although I'll still buy the complicated ones every now and then. These days, I do mostly lake fishing in the local Puget Sound area when I can get away. I've done some rivers here and there, but never dedicated the time to them it takes to really get the hang of it. I'd like to learn to steelhead on the fly. I enjoy trying when I can, and I read everything I can get my hands on. It takes time spent on the water doing it though, and that's something I haven't done enough of yet. I really respect the guys that can make that happen on a regular basis. I guess I have to say I love to try. Still A Steelhead virgin though you know :beathead:
WOW... who put A quarter in him! hugh?. Probably more than you wanted to know. But, Thanks for listening.
I enjoy reading the list and, who knows, maybe I'll make A cameo one of these days at A group outing. Thanks guys/gals.

tight lines to all.
Kent Sorensen
Everett, Wa


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I am also one of those who has been looking around on this board for some time now, but have not posted. I really enjoy looking at what is new each day. Have learned some great tips.

I live in Gig Harbor and am really just starting to seriously take up this great sport. My hope is to get better with the 2-hander this year. Love to trout fish, but steelhead is my real passion.

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