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Hi my name is Paul I grew up in Seattle..moved to LA to act and do music. Just finished www.gpsthemovie.com my first feature. Not a fly fishing movie but a corky goofy thriller filmed in the northwest. I also got to write the theme song..(Got Two fish with one fly). caught my first trout on a fly at twelve it was on Granite Creek in the north cascades I peed my pants and ever since that day Fly Fishing became my favorite video game (that's how I described it to friends.) The first time Matching the hatch was another story It's right up their with losing my virginity.
Thought I'd introduce myself as well. I've been reading this website for the past couple of months and I really appreciate the great info that can be gleaned from all the forum inputs. Thanks to everyone for your contributions. I've been flyfishing since I was a teenageer (I'm 52 now, but can't really believe it). I became obsessed with steelhead in my 30s and had some great times, many in BC chasing native fish, and I now miss the wonderful Springs on the Sky and Falls on the Wenatchee. I don't do as much steelheading anymore, but I do a couple trips somewhere each year. In recent years I've delved into the bluewater (sailfish!!!) and bonefish world a bit. My absolute passion now is coho in the summertime, with my dream trip to an island off Prince Rupert every summer for a week of unbelievable fishing. Last summer we caught and released hundreds on dry flies (gurglers). It's my 'field of dreams'. I've become interested in finding another passion closer to home and something I can do more often. That lead me to consider beach fishing for coho and SRC and to this website for a leg up. This website has given me a wealth of info and the passion is back. I've been fast to the tying bench and checking this website every day. Thank you so much for this venue.


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Hello, my name is Jay Crimmins and this is my first post. I've lived in Washington
my whole life and have always been an avid fisherman. Whitey and Rowdy are grade school friends who I still enjoy wetting a line with when I can. I recently purchased a raft from Danna at Swiftwater in Shoreline. Salt, lake, river, stream, I hit them all. I'm also interested in some opinions about a single hander getteing into some spey action.

Mike Danahy

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Howdy, my name's Mike, and I just signed up here a few days ago. I grew up in north idaho, but managed to miss out on the great fly fishing until my dad and I took a guided trip on the madison while I was in college. I learned to fly fish on the the Yakima, hoh, and elwha while in school in tacoma, and just moved back to the area. Smulkowski is always talking about this site and since I'm back in Washington I thought I'd sign up. I would have posted earlier but when the hoh went down to 5 g's I got fed up with waitin and watchin the gages and had to head out for a few days. Needless to say, the river was, uh, not quite in shape, but I still managed to pick up a little wild buck up in the park.
Hello my name is Christian Brewer. I am originally from St. Louis, Mo and have lived in Mill Creek for 2 years now. I grew up lake fishing for bass, crappie, blue gill, and catfish from a dock on a small lake using only spincast reels. Once up here I was introduced by neighbor to trout, salmon, and steelhead fishing using spinning reels, baitcasters and then to fly fishing. I am pretty much hooked on fly fishing now and am still gearing up and trying to figure out the whole reading the water, picking the fly, casting correctly, mending the line and retrieving correctly, etc, etc. I am excited to find this site to learn from everyone and share some of my own trials and tribulations.


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Hello, My name is Don Fitzwater. I have lived in the Seattle area since 1991. I grew up in McCall, ID fishing for trout in local streams and high mountain lakes with flies. I chucked eggs down on the little salmon catching more than my fair share of steelhead as well. When I was 18 I moved out here to attend art school and have been here ever since- fly fising any chance I get (and working of course). In 1999 I started a side business wetfly.net with my parnter Kit Carlson selling flies online to get closer to our passion, fly fishing. Since the web has grown into a giant garage sale we recognized this was not why we got into the business. Our business focus changed in 2002 to support fly shops and lodges with superior quality flies knowing quality always wins in the long run. We partnered with Craig Black who is well recognized in the industry for quality and innovative patterns. In the fly shop world superior flies equal loyal customers. I have heard a lot about WFF and have been waching the boards for a few days before I decided to introduce myself. This looks like a great place for me to learn more about the needs of other fly fisherman so wetfly.net can better support the industry we all love. Flyfishing. And get some hot tips where I can go catch some fish too!
I'm 19 been fishing since i could hold a pole. i didn't start fly fishing till a few years ago. i grew up in the Tri-City area fishing local spots for bass, catfish, salmon, and steelhead, all that is ok but what i realy enjoy is wading down a small mountain stream, trying to pick up a trout, landing him then letting him go to be caught another day. i've fished the Tucannon river, touchet, rocky ford cedar, skyhomish, yakima, columbia, snake and quite a few rivers in Montana. i have also been tying my own flys for a few years altho they arnt the prettyist flys they still some how pick up quite a few fish i now live in Walla Walla and i'm looking for some people to show me spots around the area this spring. If you want to go fishing drop me an email and we can work something out. [email protected]

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Thought I'd introduce myself. I have lived in the N.W. for most of my life. I have been flyfishing for 35 years. I have also picked up the Bass fishing bug with fly gear and the last couple of years with gear. Kind of funny that I had to go on a guided Bass trip to learn how to use gear. I have kind of soured on fishing with crowds so I tend to do a little more out of the way places or fish the off times for the more well known places. Anyway I love the site and hope to see some of you out on the water !!
Hello! Brian Farrer from Ca,I am new here and new to flyfishing.:thumb:I just bought 3acres up in Ione Washington right about 300yards from the Pend Oreille River.My wife Ann and I are looking to retire in 2011,so weve got five years to go:hmmm: I've lived most of my life in Ca. We are looking forward to chatting on line about our new home,fishing,and life in general.Brian.
Hope I'm doing this correctly...

Okey Dokey... As my nickname would suggest, My name is Bryce and I live in Duvall, Wa. I've been a gear fisherman all my life and have recently switched over to the dark side. ba- ba- ba-... ba- babum ba- babum... Thanks to the folks at AATF for hooking me up and answering all of the newbie questions. More to come... Sorry Ron :D Anyway, Since I'm in Duvall there are a few locales that strike my fancy. The Sky, Tolt, Lk. Joy, Lk. Margaret, blackmans lake. I'm jumping in with both feet left being fly fishing and the right being fly tying. So, I will see you at the sportsman shows fly tying night maybe a rod building class, casting class or fly tying class. I'm always up for new places and new faces so thanks for a great site and I look forward to contributing posts from my vast knowledge of this sport. ;)

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Greetings from Poulsbo! I have been lurking around for quite awhile its about time I introduce myself. Name here is Charlie (retired) and home is north of Poulsbo in Kitsap Co. I am an avid fly fisher & tyer. Favorite river is the Yak. Enjoy all types of fishing but mostly fly fish for trout and salmon, and troll for salmon out of the boat. I am still looking forward to my first steelhead on a fly which will come someday. Also am looking forward to my first walleye and sturgeon.

I have learned lots from reading from the great posts others and hope to contribute in the future.

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David Loy

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Hey Charlie, welcome.
My name is David Loy and I graduated from NK in 1970. My best friend is in Lemolo (when he's in town). I grew up in Suquamish and trolled salmon on Agate Pass and at Jefferson Head with my father a lot. We also fished the North end of Hood Canal quite a bit. Poulsbo's changed quite a bit in the last 30+ years. I get over there once in a while.
I see another guy from Kingston posting on this site occasionally but I haven't "fessed up" yet. Frankly, I haven't met anyone on this site and strongly suspect there actually only 2 or 3 guys with spatulate fingers typing all this trivial gossip.
Hi David! I too like to fish Agate Pass and really enjoy fishing the canal. I have caught my share of fish from the beach and out of the boat. Geat place to live!

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Hello all--

My name is Brian. I spend a lot of time on Westfly.com, as it seems more directed toward the Oregon angler--where I am now located. I was born in Seattle, and grew up in Issaquah. I was raised trolling the Sound 'round Deadman's Island with my dad using a plug herring for Salmon, and wasn't turned on to fly-fishing until 1994 at my Uncle's cabin on Wallowa Lake. Since then, my fly rods have followed me wherever I've gone: my last years at PLU, a short stint in Sacramento fishing the American River for Shad, to Germany where I fished in Denmark for Sea Trout, to law school on the east coast where I fished the Shenandoahs for brookies, to a stint in DC where I never dared to fish the Potamac, and now back to Oregon where I fish the rivers within a days drive of Portland for steelhead, SRCs, and redsides on the D, and usually a summer trip to Joseph to fish NEO. Of all my fishing, I enjoy most fishing at our family cabin with my cousin on the Sound for SRC in late summer at low tide--it's a tradition that I'm sure my cousin and I hope to pass on to his two little ones, and now my little one, born just days after Christmas this past year. I've just recently ventured into the world of speycasting, as this seems to be the here-now, here-to stay, and future of a lot of PNW fly angling. I'm looking forward to fishing the spey on the wide runs in rivers near Portland, and the D; I'm also looking to learn more about--or develop it if it hasn't been developed--a practical way to apply the two-handed rod to our fishing situation at our cabin: 18-23" SRCs, fished at the negative tide, requiring 100+ ft casts, and plenty of stripping. As I plan on spending more exploring my home State, I look forward to learning & sharing with the folks on the Board.