Marathon Swap Christmas Contest Flies

Howdy Everybody,

This is the second year I've had the pleasure of hosting the Marathon Swap for Beginner/Intermediate tiers, including the Christmas Tying Contest.

This year's contest was a tough one, with all the participants entering some really out standing flies that deserve a wider audience than they would have in the fly swap sectiion, though they will be put in the gallery soon. One point separated the first three finishers with the rest following close behind.

The winners of the contest are: 1st Place - Wayne Kohan; 2d Place - Desmond Wiles; 3d Place The Shad King.

All of these guys deserve to be congratulated on their creativity and tying skills. Here's the pics, enjoy them.

I'd like to point out that Alexa's X-Mas fly was tied by Tom Grobelny's daughter Alexa, age 10, and Max's X-mas Tree was tied by Matt Grunwald's son Max, age 4. A nice round of applause please!


Okay Ladies and Gents. I'm a little more than embarrassed here. When I repackaged the flies after judging I put two of them in the wrong box. The First Place and Third Place flies. Wayne Kohan and The Shad King already know of my mix up and have a personal apology from me. Since I made the error in public, I thought they should have a public apology too.
Wow those are great... and Ron, those are some of the best shots of flies I've seen! Did you use any special lighting, and what is that cool blue background?
What a great bunch of flies. This is a great contest and REE deserves the credit for putting it together. Thanks, Ron.
Great imagination and good technique made some fun flies. Congrats to the junior members for there efforts.:thumb: :thumb:
jesse clark
Those are so cool. What a great display of creativity and technique. Those kids deserve some extra presents for being so badass! Good job all, and thanks for sharing, REE.
Now that's spirit!! Great job. And a big NOD to the little ones for their great effort. Thanks for sharing REE! MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR. Dick.


Piscatorial predilection
Wonderful flys!
Felt like I just opened an unexpected present when I clicked on the thread.
The last three flys could actually be fished!
Thanks for posting on the main page for all to see.

I love it! I'm full of Xmas cheer, just like Buddy the Elf.

Way to go everyone! Excellent flies by all, and a great job once again, REE, for organizing this.

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