Tails on Intruder Flies

o mykiss

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Can someone help me understand the proper technique for creating the flared bucktail tail on an Intruder? Someone at a fly shop told me to create something like a dubbing loop using thin wire instead of thread; place the butt ends of the bucktail in the loop and flatten/space them out; and then wind the loop around the shank (or tube, if doing a tube-style Intruder). I can't for the life of me figure out how to do this. When I try, all the bucktail gets bunched up as I'm winding the dubbing loop around the shank. I can just spin the bucktail around the shank without the loop instead, but it doesn't flare as nicely as the Intruders I find in the fly shop. Thoughts?


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I use ostrich herl on my intruders or rhea. I have never tried using bucktail. I am extremely happy with the action from these two materials. You can wrap chenille under the material to force it to flare out. I tie trailer trash flies like that if you are familiar with those flies. Similar to a large intruder. You can check out my gallery. I have a few intruders on there that I have tied in the as weeks.