(NFR) If Santa ever did exist, he's dead now...


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For a "guy who doesn't exists" he has somehow gotten an awlful lot of "adults" working for him....

besides we have known for a couple decades that science can't explain everything...

..Buckner, now your working with "bad intelligence", you of all people know better then to trust some goverment report....if they can rid of Santa Claus it's just one more obstacle out of the way in the fight to drill for oil up there....

Long Live Santa! :beer2:

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Dude whats up with all the liberal propoganda? Steve, it's the season to get back to your evangelical roots.

See ya in church.



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Hey Zen.......Please dont get him going on that subject either. I am sure that would result in all kinds of torqued off people. I may be the only person on this board to have FULLY heard "The worlds politics according to Steve." For most of which I agree with the guy. I am also probably the only person on the board to have Fully heard, "The worlds religion according to Steve." I can offer you this much advice......do yourself a favor and dont open up that can of worms. You'll be sorry! haha

I think we should dub Steve as the boards Scrooge.
Steve Buckner said:
I think that it was after learning that the guy in the red suit was hoax...;)
So it can all be traced back to that one mistake, eh Skinny? :D It's never too late to believe my friend...and Merry Christmas to you too. :beer2:
Well, Steve, you make a compelling case, except for one thing; Santa showed up at our house sometime overnight. I think your argument only proves what Tim said and every seven-year-old already knew in their hearts: Santa Claus is MAGIC; Santa Claus is LOVE. As you've aptly demonstrated, there is simply no other explanation.

This reminds me of my favorite scene in "Miracle on 34th Street" when Chris' attorney calls the prosecutor's little girl to the stand as an expert witness on the existence of Santa Claus. Rather than cross examine, the prosecutor simply concedes, "The State stipulates the existence of Santa."

Stipulate, my friend, stipulate.

In the spirit of the day (not to mention a couple Christmas-morning mimosas), I will say it: