Sea Run Cutt's

and the wild goose chase continues

Thanks for the info and hey - gloating is perfectly OK!!
Just curious - where did you launch and put in? I have floated the Snoqualmie in my drift boat from Red Barn down to the takeout by the Tolt. I have never gone farther than that. Are the ramps in good shape - and doable in this low water?
SRC frustration

I did everything as you do... casting, stripping in slow/frog water. I got "the best cutthroat flies I can get" - reverse Yellow Spiders, also tried another colors - black w/white hackle, purple, orange.
No luck :SAD . Fish is jumping and teasing me but I can do nothing. This is very frustrating. I hooked only one small fish in whole day and I'm not sure was it cutthroat or not (I released it in water).
There were other FF-ers on the well-known river starting with Sti... but nobody caught anything bigger than 6-8-inchers

Old Man

Just an Old Man
SRC frustration

What do I know---I'm just an old man

Could it be because all of the other fish runs were late this year that they (searuns) decieded to be late also.