Kings on the skokomish?

I am going to be up at hoodsport for 3 or 4 days at the
end of august beggining of september and was wondering
what pound test leader to use and what flys to try. I have
an eight weight and was hoping to hook a few kings
while i am up there.Any information would be apreciated

P.S. I know you have to fish below hiway 101 if you want
to keep the kings but can you fish above the bridge if you release them or are fishing for steelhead but happen to
hook a king and release it of course.THANKS.
I just came over the Skok. on my return from Hoodsport where I was fishing the Northfork.... (it was DEAD).... however, there were Kings running at the 106 bridge...... If you still plan to go... I'd like to return there on monday (tomorrow) toi give it a try..... Dean