NOAA Fisheries issues new steelhead status


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It appears NOAA Fisheries has replaced ESU's with 10 Distinct Population Segments as a way to manage for specific steelhead stocks under ESA. They also downgraded Upper Columbia portion from Endangered to Threatened.

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total bull on the upper columbia stock, they lost all wild fish in most of those rivers, they are just hatchery fish that got through. However, if that is all we have, It will have to do for rebuilding the stock.

Congrats on setting different esu's apart, thats important.


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Has anyone seen anything "offical form NOAA Fisheries? All I can find is the nes article from the Seattle PI.

Using the Distinct Population Segment bring the two federal agencies closure together in how they define populations for ESA. Consistency would be nice for those trying to make sense of the ESA processes. However it appears that the agencies (NOAA and USFWS) are approaching life history diveristy differently. If the news article is correct NOAA will be including on the anadromous life history in its decisions regarding steelhead/O. mykiss. While USFWS was very careful to include all life history forms in its bull trout listing and was pretty clear that full recovery requires that historical diversity.

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