Spey Rods

Jim Fitz said:
Are there any shops that have built up Rainshadows etc. for people to try?
Yes :D We've got the 11'6" 6/7, 12'6" 7/8, 13' 8/9 built up in the shop. Looks like we need to get going on the 14' 9/10 to complete the series! Once we finish it - we'll work with Aaron to figure out a full range of lines that work well.

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Why are some spey rods called switch rods. It is something that I have never figured out. Anything over 11'6" is a spey rod to me. But then again, I have felt that I was in the dark on them anyway. bawling:



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that 11 1/2' 6/7 is my next two hander, gotta get with Ron and Kristin and figure that out into my schedule. Heckuva rod for the coming summer I think... tick tock...tick tock...


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Some are called switch rods because that is exactly what they are. They are short enough to be able to be cast single-handed; but long enough to be able to be cast two-handed. Most switch rods are also matched with the longer single-hand lines like the salmon/steelhead tapers and not with the much heavier spey lines. Personally, I consider any rod under 12' a single-hand rod; but then again I use 15'-18' rods for most of my steelheading.


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what speybum said. you can talk to him persoanally on saturdays.

I will tell you this. you have no idea what you do or do not want at this point and IMHO you are looking at a pitching wedge not a 5 iron.

Trust me, big rods cast cast bit tips, lines, flies. Aaron can help you with line choices and rod selection. It' won't take long to figure out your needs won't be met with a trout rod.