Duwanish River

Fished the Big D last night. Lots of Sivers in the stream north of the bridge. Did not catch any. They sure looked good jumping and splashing around.
Anyone have a good lure for them?

Old Man

Just an Old Man
What do I know---I'm just an old man

I have a lure for them,but it's illeagal. It's called dynamite.

No dynamite, but that reminds me of this.
Three guys fished down on a Oregon stream, two years ago and attached a M100 to a rock and threw it in the river and stunned 6 steelhead, later they threw another one in and stunned two.
Standing right behind them was a ranger.
He smiled and issued tickets they got $300 FINES AND A TWO YEAR SUSPENSION.
I would have thought they were intitled to jail time. ANGRY

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