Rio's New Anadromous Advantage Multi Tip Line for Steelhead

I am putting together a new 8wt (St Croix Avid) rod with Ross Cimeron Reel. The setup will be used for Steelheading on the Peninsula Rivers but I am trying to figure out what line to use. It sounds like the way to go is with some type of versi tip set up which I will be going with. However, I noticed that Rio just came out with this new Anadroums Advantage line and was wondering if this would be a better line to go with instead of the original Rio versi-tip?

The Anadromous Advantage comes with four 24 ft heads, a floater, a 7 ft fast sink tip with a 17 ft floating section, a 15 foot fast sinking tip with a 9 ft floating section, and the last is a 24 ft fast sinking density compensated tip.

Also has anyone used this yet or heard anything about it?

Thank you in advance for any advice and help



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The Anadromous Advantage line is more like what steelheaders have been building here in the northwest for the last thirty or more years. Most interchangeable-tip lines offer you a floater, an intermediate, slow and fast sinking heads, only one of which is of much use for typical, steelhead swing, winter fishing. The Anadromous Advantage gives you the options for fishing a greater variety of speeds and depths.
I've got one, and my wish would be that the heads would be susbstantially shorter or longer, it seems the loop connection is always wanting to come thru the rod tip.


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I think Preston hit the nail on the head with his assessment. I would classify the standard 15’ ‘VersiTip’ line to be the best all around line for both summer and winter Steelheading. The ‘Anadromous Advantage’ is probably a better choice if you plan on fishing primarily in the winter. I have both, and use them for different applications. Most of our customers still purchase the original ‘VersiTip’ because they plan on fishing year ‘round.

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I have the Rio Anadromous Advantage line on my nine weight for winter fishing and Im loving it. I use it in the salt too and it has been working just fine for me. I agree with the ideas presented above regarding versatility. But Rio has been pretty clear on that was well.


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I have three of them on two 8 weights and one on a 6 weight. I really love the line for steelhead. I use the 6 weight for saltwater and Alaska. Love all the heads. I like the short sink tip because you can fish an unweighted fly and it still gets down a little bit. As others have mentioned that the loops are always going throught the guides. I live with this no problem because the line is awesome.


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I'll admit my ignorance on this but under what circumstances would one need a 24 ft sink tip? Say I fish a 15 ft type 6 or 8 with a short leader and barbelled fly. How much additional depth would I get by going to a 24ft tip?

If someone could point out a generic river that regularly requires a 24ft tip setup, that would help greatly in my understanding. Or is it that the fly needs to sweep within inches of winter fish to get them to take?

I know a lot of people love the versi tip but for some reason I am not a fan. I have used Rio's lines and went back to the Teeny lines. I would say go cheaper reel if you don't have spools and grab a floating line a 200 and a 400 and you are set.


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