I Guess It's Time To Ask??? Dry Falls???


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Good Point Jim.....definitely don't want you going a day without cleaning and wiping yourself. It doesn't have the extra's...which would probably be wanted (needed).
Scratch Quincy.
More and more it's looking like Dry Falls as the venue...Buddha buddy what are your suggestions?

I'm okay with Dry Falls as the central hub even though camping fees are a rip off...IMHO but it is convenient for those that bring their "Hotel on wheels".....

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jabseattle said:
If we do choose to abandon DF and go with a new venue it should be central enough to bring in members from either side of the state.
It should be central enough to bring in members from out of state. i vote for utah.:D


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Yeah Jim made a good point about wanting certain amenties.....They are nice.....and with a big group you would want these things .....I see there's a post now about doing a thing on the OP....OK..but does limit the trout guys?

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The campin fee is friggin lame at sun lakes but a fairly nice campground. I might just crash somewhere free and hang with everyone at sun lakes. There are ample warm water opportunities around there as well. Whatever the local, i will show.
With all this "traditional" talk....It got me thinking about our Spring traditional outing...

Are we having a Spring outing this year? If so, we need to start planning...What's the deal? Is Dry Falls still in? New place? What?
Just wondering, where's everybody at on this? Is Dry Falls a go or no go?

Backyard, what do you mean by warm? We can always build a bigger fire.

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