NFR: 80 gallon acrylic aquarium

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80 gallon acrylic aquarium with oak stand and hood. Has a bulkhead/bio-ball filter so it is very quiet and can be setup for salt or fresh water. $300 or trade.

Bill Douglas

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He of the freakishly-large cranium,
How long does the behemoth measure at it's widest point (including the stand)?

Happy New Year!

-Pinhead Billy


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Hmmm...I just soo happen to be in need of a larger tank at the current time. What is this tanks foot print?? LxWxH

What are you in need of trade wise?? A new spey rod??
The tank is 16'' tall 18'' wide and 5 feet long.
The stand is 62 inches long 22 inches wide and 51'' tall.

My wish list is fairly long so if you are interested in the tank maybe we can talk. I am always in the market for a new rod or reel but I'm not looking for spey gear right now.

Happy new year back at ya Willie
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