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I would really like to be a part of a fly swap. I am a new member to WFF but an experienced tyer. What are the rules and how is the swap done? I get the part about tying 13 flies of the same go-to pattern. What I don't understand is the logistics of the swap. :beathead:
I am still thinking about what to tie. I was thinking that since I have so much time I might see what I can learn before then. Right now I am just moving from nymphs to streamers.

Kent puts it very well for logistics:
Example from his soft hackle swap, I'll have similar instructions but the dates and address's will be different. Hope this explains the details.


Here's the ground rules for the swap.


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My go to flies. After some thought, difficult for me, I guess its a tossup between a Tan EHC or Red Humpy. I fish mostly lakes and the OP. Since my Humpys look absolutely ugly(trouble with the proportions/amount of hair), it will be the EHC in size 12.

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