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Trevor Hutton
man, you guys fish big caddis! I know they are out there, but I rarely see caddis over a 16 or 14 if it is stretching it. But hey, if it is your go-to fly, it must work so I have no room to talk. Then there are those monster octobers...mmmm...yummy.
I'm going to tie a nymph attracter we'll call Randy's Beadhead that has been responsible for my largest steelhead (35 1/2") and has caught most other species I've landed. I will tie it in my most used size which is a 10. This is the fly I used to fish so much, I got the nickname "onefly." It truly is the one fly I always have with me and will usually fish if only as a dropper to a big leech.

Well These Extended Caddis are done. :beer2:

Checked my records and found I did better with a size 16, so they are all 16's. :thumb:

Will mail them in this week.

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