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Mine are in the mail tomorrow. I am ashamed to say that I finished tieing them about 2 months ago and haven't mailed them. I cringe every time I get my things out to tie and see them. I am off to put it all together right now.


Jake Smulkowski

Throwing hoppers into baetis falls
I'll be sending mine this weekend - I'm a bit embarassed by my ties after looking at everyone else's beauts! Oh, well, practice makes perfect!

Jake Smulkowski

Throwing hoppers into baetis falls
Going to the post office this afternoon! I'm stoked to see everyone's flies. I'm sending a bonus - a little hydropsyche nymph that I've been having a lot of success with right below riffles.
trout990 i think im tying GRHEIN
Don Stracener Dark Caddis, size 12 with extended body IN
Curtis size 12 soft hackle IN
Banzai tossup between a Tan EHC or Red Humpy In
Ned and Jane 14 moosemane caddis or Adams with moosemane tail and rib In
Randy Knapp Randy's Beadhead In
retiredfish size 12 2x long micro leech. In
Icanfly I'm probably going to tie a sculpin or something like thatIn
mr trout If so I'm in for a Stimulator. In
tightlines black wooly bugger
baitwaister #14 Dick's parachute-grey foam extended bodyIn
smulkowski Jake did a two fer two flies for the tiers thanks Jim In
jimnwashington baker's dozen wooly buggersIn

Still waiting for:


as usual ill be sending it out the last possible day, i meant to do it sooner but then again, I always mean to do it sooner than the last day and it never happens. So theyll be there early next week.

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