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mike doughty

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(1) tie in small clump of black pheasant tail barbs
(2) tie in 2 strands of ultra micro chenille, one light and one dark.
(3) Looking down on the hook take the light color in your left hand and dark color in your right. bring the light color under the hook shank and then over the dark colored chenille, then take the dark color chenille and go over the hook and continue the process until you have the body length you desire. i tie my body between 1/2 to 2/3 the shank length. tie off chenille, but leave the light color attached and cut off the dark.
(4) tie in another clump of black pheasant tail for the wing case and legs. when tying in the wingcase consider how long the legs will be. original pattern shows the legs to come back to about where the body starts.
(5) take the left over light chenille and wrap the thorax with it and tie off and cut.
(6) take the pheasant tail clump that will be used for the wingcase and pull it over the thorax and tie down.
(7) seperate the extending pheasant tail fibers and with your fingers pull them back along the body, tie down and make a head.

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So now you are into weaving your flies. If you go to River Run Anglers( a sponsor on this site). Aaron has a step by step there on weaving up those flies. I also learned how to do it from him.


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