Your best fish from Green Lake (Seattle)

They put a ton of big triploids in there which can make for a nice few hours after work. My friend (Icanfly) and I caught a bunch last spring in the 18-21" range. Buggers until a hour or so before dark, then switch to a dry. :thumb:

We tried for Browns a few times but came up empty. Caught a nice bass though...
Nice little Red head jogging around it. I had to throw her back because Green Lk was the great out door for her. She thaught camping was something only poor people did.
If you really want to knock em' dead, just go to Greenlake in the summer on a weekend with a puppy. Get one of those extendable leashes, find a spot to sit and put some line out. When you feel a tug, reel it in and usually there is a nice one on the other end. ;) It takes a while before you get a keeper, but catch and release is fun. :thumb:

Bob Triggs

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Close but no cigar:

I was standing at the edge of the casting dock one day and I asked a person standing next to me: "Are there there any fish in this lake?", and before anyone could say another word a big shiny rainbow trout jumped up out of the water and into the air right in front of me a few yards away. :eek:
I am a "Greenlake" native and grew up within walking distance in the 50's and 60's. The hydroplane races and fireworks were a HUGE part of summer! My little story spans 4+ decades. We would catch lots of stocked fish every year by plunking from the beach, must have used eggs with bobbers. My passion for baseball consumed me from Little league through High School so fishing wasn't a priority. In the spring of 88 I was doing a very slow 'troll' with my 12 week old Golden Retriever and managed to set the hook on a 5'2" blond; it was a memorable summer, but the puppy turned into a dog and, well you know![what WAS her name??!!]. Five years ago I rediscovered fly fishing and make it a point to fish Geenlake once a year, always seem to get a few, but it's really like going 'home'!:)

Zen Piscator

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retiredfish said:
Keep fishing Zen, you'll thank us old guys once you hook that double breasted wink the eye fish. And forgot where the gear money went.

Daryle, just in fun
That has been arranged, but her daddy is loaded :beer2: