G Loomis and Nautilus

I have been looking at the G loomis Greased line Deveron and the Nautilus reels for a steelhead/salmon spey rod set up. Any info on these products or ideas of a better setup.


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Definately a sweet set up - but certainly cast as many rods as you can before you decide. The Loomis Grease Liners are Phenominal rods...if you are into blasintg out big casts on big waters.

I have 2 Nautilus reels (one for spey and one for single hand). These are by far the finest, sweetest reels that I have ever used. They are absolutely worth the money, in my opinion. Both of these reels got broken in last summer in alaska. 4 months of heavy use and they will never leave my arsenal - Ever. I use just the Nautilus 12 as a spey reel. It holds Plenty of backing ( I use GSP) and XLT lines. Certainly not cramped for space with the old model, 7/8 XLT. The 12S is Huge....so again, you wont be able to fill it up completely. I dont know of too many folks that are using nautilus. I dont think I have seen anyone on this board talking them up. I compared Bauer and Nautilus when I had the money to dump... Nautilus won that fight. :thumb:


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Nautilis reels have a nice following with the more serious saltwater angler. Since most fly guys around here (WA) are more freshwater (and some salt) the need for a good tough reel (Tibors, Billy Pates, Abels etc.) are not as common.....you go South and East Coast Salters you find the mentioned reels plus Nautilus. I see the Nautilis came out with a seal proofed disc drag system that is suppose to be the deal (per.se) ...You had a nice tough descision because the Bauers are good reels in their own right. I have been using Lamson Velocities but I have now three times had to send back due to corrosion and drag problems after salt use. Recently got a Ross Big Game 4 to replace those guys.


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Hey Porter, the sealed drag is sweet. Its all ball bearing drive, and completely sealed. Mine states right on the hub (as thats what it looks like) "warning warranty void if opened." That is machined into the aluminum. I havent opened the drag....I dont care what it looks like in there....Its soo smooth. no need to tamper with it. There are 3 screws holding it all together (the drag). I have never seen a drag system look like the nautilus. The drag has zero start up and is silky smooth from no drag to stop a truck. I also really like the look of those reels. They are a serious saltwater, big game reel with a major following in that arena.....I wanted quality, look, and capacity. These were the ticket for me. The Feather Weight series 3wt - 7wt have a different look and different drag, still sealed though. Just not near as beefy as the actual Nautilus line...but my 7wt FW has also stopped many a big fish. Neither of them have yet to fight a steelhead though and I am certainly not worried.
I've tried 6 of the Loomis Greased Liners and own 2. The Deveron 14' is the only one that didn't feel right to me. It could be me, but the taper felt odd
I have a Nautilus 12T (new model this year) for my 9 wt spey rod. The reel is absolutely sweet. The sealed drag system is powerful and smooth. Actually catching fish is a rare thing for me. Working with this reel all day long as I strip out line, reel back in to move, adjust, etc. makes me love it even more. It is just a joy to work with.