WFF Oly Pen Trip is Feb 18 and 19

I haven’t visited the board for a month or so due to a family medical situation.
Can anybody tell me how many guys, I assume this is a mostly male bonding time, are going? Is there an overflow campground picked? Cottonwood? Didn’t read all the posts.
May try to head up from Vancouver Friday afternoon.
Know the spot, camp there often.
There's about thirty guys heading over, though I'm sure any ladies are welcome. Preferably single ladies who like guys in their late 20s with thick builds and a taste for the Grateful Dead. Someone mentioned Bogachiel campground as overflow, but if everyone doesn't need to have their own site maybe there'll be plenty of room?

John Hicks

Owner and operator of Sea Run Pursuits
The campground is Oxbow. I'm sure that anyone is welcome. James and I will be out there all week so anyone can show up at anytime.
Hey Jaws a fire may not have done you any good. I was camping in the Q rainforest just to the South of there and heard a slight crack behind me. I thought at first it was the camp fire. Then I though there must be a coon behind me. I looked back for the coon and instead saw a large cougar coming up behind me in a full crouch. It did not scare me right a way because of the shock and I just said hello kitty and since it knew it was seen and I was facing it, the cougar ran off. When it finally hit me that a large cougar was stalking up behind me, my nerve finally gave out and my ax stayed next to me the rest of the night and I burned two night worth of wood all that night. I was also glad I was sleeping in the back of the truck that night.. The fire did not faze that big cat at all. This all happened in the same area two other campers had dogs attacked at and at least a couple of hikers had a run in with a large cat that same summer something like 5 years ago now


the Menehune stole my beer
You guys had better be careful. those damn sasquatch can get pretty wild, especially when it's mating season. you can see they love ZZ Top so don't play any on the boombox, and make sure you dont' shave for a couple days if these guys come into your campground to roast some weenies...

on 2nd thought, shaving might not make much difference, they like their gals kinda NOT wear red undies or a red wife beater, hell stay away from anything red!!!! That color is alleged to drive squatch wild with Grape Ape desire!!!!


Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Holy Sh** Mingo! Next time I'm packing my ax! :rofl:

Gee, thanks alot, Hikepat!:eek: That's just too real!:eek: Don't know if I'd camp back there alone again during a campfire ban. Lots of cats up in the backcountry. I was advised to be sure to hang my food where I was going, as a black bear had been cruising the area. The bear wire I used was back in the woods, nearly 100 yards from my tent. After the howling, I was a little edgy. I stopped by the bear wire and raided my bag on my way back from the river after fishing til dusk, constantly looking over my shoulder and all around me. The following day I was out of there, fishing my way downstream.

I might be passing thru Forks next week, don't know if I'll stay for the weekend bash, as my party animal days are over, but I'll stop by the Oxbow if I'm going by.


Jake Smulkowski

Throwing hoppers into baetis falls
Hey guys! Fished the upper Quinault this morning - gorgeous, clear, lovely, nary a fish. Lower Quinault had that nice green hue. Queets looked all right, and the Hoh was a very steelheady shade of blue from Visitor's Center to Oxbow. Hope you get the weather we had this weekend for next weekend too!
CAN"T WAIT FOR YOU GUYS TO SEE MY MEAT! ;) Seriously though, been shopping for grillins'. I picked up some hotdogs, frankfurters, kielbasa, polish sausage, smoked sausage, and bratwurst for Saturday night. Kinda based my numbers off of the list, got plenty in case a few extras show up. I didn't get any veggie or tofu dogs. Let me know if for any reason I should pick up more (ie. there's some influx of people you know are coming that aren't on the list).
Know I just got to remember to pack the cooler on friday morning.

John Hicks

Owner and operator of Sea Run Pursuits
Well, James and I are off to the O.P. If anyone needs to get ahold of us you can try to call but no promises. We will be out there all week. Obxow campground various rivers around the o.p. and hopefully fish. See everyone next weekend.

John Hicks
Hope John and James took their 0 degree bags. Here is a weather link

Also, I read on the WA Gearchucker... er, I mean Gamefisher sight last month that there was a sweeper across the Hoh up by Minnie Petersons. Don't know if it's true or just B*llsh*t, as I haven't been that far up for awhile. Just thought it should be mentioned. If the water's dropped, had some luck at Willoughby's with an egg&sperm pattern (weighted) at the rootball. Oh yeah, ran into a blackbear there, but he didn't seem interested in me or my Jim Beam so I let him pass. Have fun, post some porn when you guys (and gals) return.

Bob Triggs

Stop Killing Wild Steelhead!
To all of you last-minute planners:

There are several posts under this topic that provides information on the area, local camping options etc. I listed several within a few miles of the Hoh Oxbow Campground.

The Oxbow will not support all of you so plan on going to a nearby campground. take a few minutes to scan through this topic to find the information.(I provided a description on a previous post here).

Also see for local resources, travel info etc.

Important items to bring/share are: Firewood, Tarps and Tying Lines, Tarp line stakes, Toilet Paper, garbage bags, yard rake, shovel ( for fire pit cleanup), a few five gallon buckets, folding lawn chairs, lanterns, potable drinking water,
food for pot-luck saturday night.!

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