I'm starting to like this new look!

Chris Scoones

Staff member
Thanks Wayne.

I like it as well. It's pulling the random image from all 8K+ images in the gallery, so you shouldn't see the same pic very often.

Last night I started adding all the items in the events forum back into the calendar, so take another look at the sidebar calendar as it's populated now.

Ya, I know, those damned ads. At least the sidebar is functional and the ads are placed out of the way.
I think the random rotation of the images is killer! Too be honest, I've kinda tuned out the ads. Also, the placement of the calender is another added bonus. :thumb:

Great job Chris!


Chris Scoones

Staff member
Thanks for the feedback.

Oh, it's a known item that periodically the script breaks displaying a long URL instead of the image, and in doing so screwing up the format of the page. It's an issue with some of the images thumbnails. I'm going through finding them so it should be squared away before too long.

Mike Etgen

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I also think the random display of photos is awesome. I've never paid too much attention to the advertising one way or another, so that piece is a wash for me. Chis, it seems to me as if everything you do to improve this site, improves this site. I hope you know it's appreciated, even when we don't say so.


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The layout is very nice Chris!! The ads are no big deal at all and I really like the random images and calendar in view.

If you feel like adding additional links, quick access to the river flows and / or tides would be cool too! It could be added below the google ads.

Anyway, I really like the new layout! Great work as usual!

Bill :thumb:

Kent Lufkin

Remember when you could remember everything?
iagree wiht the praise for the random images. I've clicked through on several in the past couple days alone. Nice touch.


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