Duwamish Rape

Saturday, I went to the Duwamish to fish along the bank near the footbrige South of the Airport way intersection with Hwy 99.
There were lots of boats and fishermen, from where I was there were no fish caught on regular tackle or fly.
However, on the west bank in a little bay 100 yds downstream from the footbridge there were 25 fishermen? having a great time. From where I was I really could not see what all their excitement was about, so I strolled over to see, only to find all of them snagging fish by the boat load.
They were using 3 oz wts on the lines with treble and single hooks.
They cast out about 150 ft and then reeled and reefed, pulled and reefed until they snagged a salmon. This was very effective as I counted as many as 25 silvers and 2 kings on the bank, many hooked in the side some hooked in the tail..Yesterday I went over to see my son, who lives near the river and stopped on the footbridge to see another large group over there doing the same thing.
What seemed strange was that all this time there were boaters in the same area fishing and no call made to the Game department as I saw no authority visiting the area on Saturday and since they were still doing it Sunday I guess nobody turned these guys in.
The number to report these illegal activities is 1-800-477-6224. It can also be done on the WDFW web page under Enforcment. They can't do anything if they don't know about it.
I have already informed them. It appears that they had 4 calls before mine. They complain they don't have enough of a force to monitor this area, yet I was told that this happens every year in this specific area.This seems a little strange that if they know about this area they aren't posting guards every other day through the Salmon run.
By the way the number is 425 775 1311
Last year I was working right by the River near Boeing field. The amount of snagging that goes on is sickening. I thought I read a new fishing law for the lower river that started this year allowing only float fishing with a bobber. It was implemented specifically because of the snagging. A funny but sad commentary was a fellow employees that I worked with last year went out at lunch time to try to catch a Silver. The guy next to him was chucking a large lure and was jerking his rod back so hard attempting to snag fish that he hit this guys rod and broke it in half. He just look at him and said sorry, but that's not my fault and kept on fishing. My experience watching the river every day was that only a few get caught legally. The majority of the fish that are caught are snagged because the Salmon all seem to have lock jaw. I refused to fish there because it is just not a quality experience. Once the upper Green opens up (I think on October 15th) I will fly fish for them in an area that has too many trees on the bank for the gear guys. Hint, if the water flow is at or below 1,000, you can stand in many parts of the middle of the river, but you really need to be careful.

This makes me sick!!!!! I beleive once the salmon reach the fresh water, they should be left to do what nature has planned.Not be snagged in the side by a treble hook or be thumped in the head with a weight.I think these guy should be hooked in the side with a big treble hook and drug behind a truck!!!!
I spent a lot of time on the Carbon this last month and couldn't
believe the number of people I saw keeping foul hooked fish. I
commented about it to one of the jerks and he said he didn't realize
it wasn't legal. "How else you gonna ketch'em?"

Thanks for posting the Game Dept phone number. I put it in my
cell phone speed dial.
When I was up in Idaho for a much needed vacation over the summer, I came across the remnants of a horrible scene. I walked down to a small river that was closed for the steelhead and salmon to spawn. I just wanted to take a gander to see any magnificent chinooks. I saw chinooks but quite a few were dead. Littered all along the bank was heavy line(50 pound test) and a ton of mesh for making roe sacks. I looked into a big pool and at least 6 of the chinooks had roe sacks snagged on them, and some even had big lures and hooks. Walking further down, I found a ton of heads, but no bodies of salmon and steelies. It just made me even more aware of the ignorance of a few humans in this world. :MAD


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