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I cant figure out what fly would be best for steelheading... And does any1 know the recepie for making salmon eggs or steelhead eggs thicker? I think it has sumtin to do w/ borax...:beathead:


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yes #1 age eggs for three day's in a cool spot in the house
#2 mix one part powdered borax one part powdered egg's and two part's brown suger, dye to desired color mix well and sprinkle on egg's, bake egg's in oven at 325 degrees on a clean baking sheet for one and a half hours .best recipe I've found yet. good luck fishing.
I would usually tie my own, especially steelhead flies, they are big enough so that they are easy to tie, but my vice is home (yakima) and I am at school and haven't brought it over. I bought them at Puget sound fly co. They have great help and no pressure. Patrick's on Eastlake might have them, but I made the trip down to Kent because Patrick's doesn't carry frog hair indicators. It was pointed out to me that the Northwest FF mag winter addition has the recipe and a good photo of one.


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Even me a nose up flea flicker could'nt let that bomb go off,you don't now the carnage that would happen.
The reason I was asking about the exasperator Is because one of my fishin partner's designed that fly and his shop is one of the sponsors of this site.He also wrote that article in the magazine with the picture of a exasperator.
I have full faith in that pattern as my best day yet came on my basterd version of the exasperator and I've seen Mike sore mouth plenty of fish with it also.
You da man when your fly is name brand.
Now If I could only get the River Pimp in production


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In the Sauk article of Northwest fly fishing on page 38 of the winter issue. My favorite steelhead fly would have to be an intruder or the many variants of the pattern now. An awesome fly period. Get a couple of those and you will be set!
Speyforsteel, where is your friend's shop? I would prefer to buy from him since it is his fly! That is so cool though. Man I wish I was that talented.


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Pacific Fly Fishers in Mill Creek,Mike Bennet ,If you talk to him tell the Sportmodel sent ya.You can see him in action in the destinations with pic's forum titled Thompson.It's good to hear his creation is getting around ,that little bottom dwelling buck buster.
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