Pattern Adams hackle

Is it really neccesary to have both brown and grizzly hackle. Or would it be ok to just use grizzly? Also, does it matter what color i use for the tail?


mr trout

Trevor Hutton
It isn't neccessarily trying to imitate any hatch in specific, so I dont think it is a huge issue. You could always get the brown dyed grizzly hackle too...
I hate wrapping two hackle feathers so I've always used Grizzly hackle on the Adams. The fish haven't seemed to mind for 40 years or so.

The color of hackle and wings are more important "triggers" for the trout to take your fly than the color of the body of the fly. It has been written that most trout never see the color of the body of the fly that caught them.

Kent Lufkin

Remember when you could remember everything?
While you can certainly use any hackle or tail you wish, in fairness to the original, what you're tying is no longer an Adams.



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I use moose body hair for the tails as opposed to hackle fibers. To Kent's point, it really isn't an Adams, but I have done anything so original to warrant calling it anything else.


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