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I'm curious if anybody else out there ever used or still uses solunar charts to schedule their fishing around. I'm not talking about tide charts, although they both take into account the gravitational pull/position of the moon.

The basic premise of the solunar chart is that when the moon is either directly above or below your position on the planet that you will have better fishing. I used to swear by them but was curious if anybody else pays any attention to them and/or what their experience has been. I used them for years and then it occured to me the other day that now I haven't used them for quite a number of years.

Did you find your fishing was better during the two hours the charts predicted as peak fishing?



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It may not be related to the moon, but it sure seemed to be. I found the fishing to be much tougher toward the end of our recent 'harvest' moon. For several days we had a very bright full moon that lasted nearly all night long. My conclusion was that the fish were able to feed readily around the clock so that after several days they were stuffed and more picky as to what they ate. I think a night fishing trip during one of the first few nights of that full moon would have been very productful. Maybe I'm just smoking something here, but it seemed reasonable... Thoughts?
I've been using them for a year now for salmon in saltwater. When the fish are in, the prediction time can be so accurate it's scary...not a bite all day then wham! - 5-6 fish landed on the beach on the dot with other bites and long distance releases. I friend who river fishes concurrs with their accuracy.

I use a program called fishbyte - and it has most of the major fishing spots built in for washington and oregon - do a web search for it -the site it is available from slips my mind now.

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Only one way to tell...

Fish for an entire season, keep a precise log, and THEN compare the results with the predicted "hot" times. This was suggested by John Gierach. Fishing is like baseball. Thinking you're going to do well, and working with an "I can't lose" attitude can have a huge impact on your performance.

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