North of Seattle Report (2/5/06)

Craig Hardt

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Hit the beach on Sunday morning:

Time: 9:30 - 12:30
Tide: Strong outgoing
Weather: A little sun which was nice, not much wind at all
Fish: 1 SRC to hand, another hit that self released

Observed a few jumpers and some rises once the current started in earnest after the tide change. Had the most action on a small white/red/grey streamer and would have tried drifting my newly tied FJ Pink euphausid flies in the fishy looking eddies but had left them on the tying bench...


I also had some SRC action on a beach north of Seattle, early morning, rising tide. A lot of interest in my Leland poppers, but no firm takes...anybody got some tips about how turn those boils into strikes?
Johnnyb, been there, done that for sure. :beathead: Still working on it, but some success dealing with that situation with one of the following:
a) strip faster following a boil;
b) dead drift or twitch " " ;
c) rest the water for awhile, come back with a smaller and/or different color surface fly.
d) switch to a submerged streamer.
e) throw big rocks at them; doesn't help you catch them any better but helps release the built up adrenaline. :rofl: :rofl:

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