Number 1 Reason to Buy a Spey Rod


Take your pick-

Bigger Rods catches Bigger Fish! :eek:

Need to compensate for other deficiencies? ;)

Have too much money and need to spend it quick on FFing related gear before the spouse goes shopping. :cool:

Want to learn all those cool casts to entertain yourself thru the endless wait till that next steelhead take. :)

TIC folks - these rods are great tools for efficiently fishing large rivers.

Tight Lines,

Another good reason to buy a Spey rod is all the resources available in the Northwest where you can learn how to use it:

You can go to Aaron's and try rods. You can also learn the casts for free.
Local guys like B. Styskal and Mike Kinney can get you up to speed (and beyond).

In addition to the Carnation Clan gatherings, there is an annual gathering on the Clearwater in Idaho (RedShed), an annual gathering on the Skykomish (sponsor?), and a big annual gathering in Oregon.


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Because they're fun to cast and make a long day of casting big flies a lot easier!

And this is the area to learn, with all of the claves around here and awesome instructor's. In the past three years, I've had the pleasure to learn from Aaron Reimer, Mike Kinney, Jack Cook, Brian Syskal and many, many others. I know I wouldn't be able to cast as well as I do without all of that help! Thanks! :beer2:

mending line, casting farther easier, bigger flies to whack yourself in the nogen with and harder to forget and drive off when it's leaning against the pickup bawling:aint about being cool I gave that up when I choose a scottish daiwaii instead of a sage 18 years ago
John, there's nothing uncool about a made-in-Scotland Daiwa spey rod. They're the rrrrrreal deal, authentically from the Mother Country; especially the Alltmor series. To be sure, these were designed by a Japanese: the hornorable Nobuo Nodera, whose new company, CND, makes a much-admired line of spey rods.
Hi Guy's
Just thought i would let you know that Diawa UK are going to bring out a new range of rods desiged by my buddy Scott Mackenzie, Scott is the world distance record holder, never been beaten in competition anywhere, and that the Alltmor line is to be finished.
The name Alltmor comes from the burn/stream that runs through Harry at Clan rods garden, this is where Diawa got the name, as Harry hand finished rods for Diawa years ago, Diawa could'nt hand finish the rods for the Japanse market as good as Harry.
I will have Scott and some of the other guy's at the Spey gathering i'm hosting in BC, with all the new rods and lines from the UK.
Gordon (speyghillie).
are these new rods going to be avaible in u.s. retail? I purchased my over the phone and had it shipped years ago{no internet sales then } from the Uk through the us postal pm me with the 411 I'm shopping for a couple new rods in winter and summer weights also looking for a used salmon 3 to go with my no 1 any clues besides e-bay got last second jacked on the last one I was on cant sit on the computer all day
Hi John,
I will find out this week if i can, i think the rods should be out over here in a couple of months, i am off to Washington with some Clan rods for Jack Cook, and i will be away for three week.
Daiwa have a great reputation in the UK, they have been making Double-handed rods for years, not just jumped on the band wagon, and i know that the rods Scott is developing will be great , i got to try them down the river with Scott, and they are goooood.:thumb:
Hi John,
I have'nt had a chance to find out if the Diawa rods Scott is developing are going to be available in the US , i am getting on a plane to Vancouver in the morning, and then travelling to Washington and a few places in BC, so i will have to wait til i get back to Scotland to find out, away for three week, but i will post when i get back.
Cheers Gordon. (speyghillie).

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