Narrows 2/7


Left handed Gemini.
I had some time open this morning for alittle fishing so I headed over to docs the weather was great and the tide was coming in, it seemed like a good choice. The water was fairly calm and not too much junk floating around but there were no fish showing either but I was there so I gave it a go. The first hour was a bust I tried a few different patterns from size 8 to size 4 without even a touch, tried a woolhead sculpin I just tied nothing so I decided to give a shrimp pattern a try, a new one for me a Gen.Prac. I tied using the redishbrownish rump hackle from a pheasant. I tossed it out let it sink and slowly started little strips sort of hopping it along the bottom, 3rd cast and something grabbed it, flounder I thought to myself until it jumped, what a surprise a sweet little 12" resident salmon fell for it. Never got another touch nor did I see any other fish.
Nice job buddy. Its those fish you catch while not expecting much are the sweetest! Just watch "trout bum diaries", awesome, strongly advise your viewing if you havent seen it yet. Tight lines

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