First fish, last fish


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Dad told me years ago my first fish was a decent bass at 5 years old. I'm going with it.1968.
Jeez....getting to vintage.

I'm afraid I only think of the next fish.

Rob Allen

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What was the first fish you caught on a fly rod?

What was the last fish you caught on a fly rod?

My first fish was caught when I was around 8 or 9 years old. I used to spend a lot of time out at Gibbs lake, just outside of Port Townsend. My godparents are the caretakers of the lake and live in the only house out there. My uncle had given me my first fly rod and I'd flogged a little bit of water down in california when he gave me the rod, now I was alone and trying to catch a fish. I had some ugly green popper that my mom bought me at Sprouse Ritz, I flopped my line out into some lilly pads, no joke, first cast, WHAMMO, about a 1/2 pound largemouth bass hit my fly as soon as it hit the water. Talk about exciting for a first fish. I couldn't believe how cool it was to see a fish break the surface of the water to eat!

My last fish I caught was earlier this week. I was nymphing eggs for steelhead in a large tailout that was maybe 1-2 feet deep, the river was covered in scrub on both sides so you basically had to walk up the middle of the river. You could see the ocasional fish hugging the bank, as I was scanning for fish I saw a steelhead sitting about 15 feet in front of me, it was pretty easy to spot since it had some fungus on the top of it's head. I chucked my eggs up above him, the fishe saw my gear and sidestepped it, then started to swim off, I figgured I spooked it, so I let my setup keep drifting downstream while I scanned for more fish. My drift ended, I was looking upstream and I went to flip my line back upriver to fish a little edge pocket. As I try to flip it, without looking, I get some resistance, then a throb. Turns out the same fungus headed steelie pulled a u-turn while I wasn't looking and decided to chase down my fly and gobble it up. I felt a little stupid about it, but I'll take it!

Anyway, that's the first fish I ever caught on a fly rod, and the last fish I caught on a fly rod. Can you remember yours?

Rainbow trout for both

Craig Pablo

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The first fish I caught on a fly was a largemouth bass of about 9", I was only 8 or 9 years old so I only got to flyfish when we went to a local pond and took our jon boat. I'll mention the last two fish I caught on a fly because they were only about 5 minutes apart, a ~19" rainbow and a northern pike of about 8 lbs.

Skip Enge

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First Lake Merril after Dad bought me a 7wt glass Eagle Claw and Pleugher combo...those funny little barbed eyelets attached to tie leader to floating fly line tip...circa 1963 I was 10...Dad pruned the trees behind me retrieving my back cast tangles west of the boat ramp...a rainbow on a ...what else? a Royal coachman #10

Last summer on the S. Platte near the holy water gold medal was a dink of about 14 inches...#14 olive emerger of some sort


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I’ve been fishing all my life but my first fly rod fish was a nice wild rainbow on a trico on the Bitterroot River about 19 years ago. My father in law thought trico’s would be a good hatch for me to learn on :).

I’ve been out of town so the last was a small blackmouth of about 15-16 inches a couple weekends back. Back at it Sunday!

Nick Clayton

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My first fish was a stocker rainbow from an unknown lake. I was 3. I dont really remember any of this but have been told the story many times by my parents.

Apparently when my dad got me home from the lake my mom was in taking a bath. No doubt enjoying some quiet time without kids. I was so excited over the trout I had caught, (and kept of course because cnr was a laughable concept to my dad) that I ran right into the bathroom and threw the trout right into the bath with my mom so she could appreciate it as much as I did. I dont think she was impressed.

Last fish was a small resident coho.


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First: Brook Trout on the Gardner River in YNP when I was maybe 6 years old. Probably 20-30 of them 6-12”.

Last: 24” Bow at a good place to catch big ones in a creek in Central WA about a month ago.


First one of the fly was in the Tolt river and caught many smolt...I was hooked :) last one was a steelhead on the Skagit ... :) seems like I graduated up! Nice thread Ibn , and cheers!

Greg Armstrong

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First was a planter Rainbow in a south sound lake almost sixty one years ago.

Last one was a Searun Cutthroat about two weeks ago.

Brian Miller

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I'm told I was a headstrong, energetic and easily distracted child (probably ADD before they put a name to it). I don't remember fishing very much or catching any fish as a kid. Got serious about fishing while in the military.
First fish - Coastal Cutthroat in a small local stream on a Daredevel spoon.
Last fish - SRC about a month ago.

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