anything but kick trolling on Coldwater Lake?



Hello, this is post #1 but have been a lurker for many weeks. One of the closest lakes to me is Coldwater. Although it's not my favorite spot for fishing, the scenery is nice and the location is convenient. Anyway, the only way we have caught fish up there is kick trolling in our pontoons. My fishing partner loves this and is content, but I get bored trolling and really prefer casting and retrieving. I have not been able to get any sense of a concentration of fish at Coldwater, though. I never hook fish in the same place and it seems the only way to get consistent action is to keep moving a lot (trolling). Any suggestion for next weeks trip? Granted, casting big heavy types 3 and 4 isn't easy, but anything is a nice break from kicktrolling all day. Thanks in advance,
On Coldwater the best way to catch fish is to troll. That being said I had luck casting into the small rock island you can see from the boat launch and many of the rock formations that are just under the surface around it. The ledge that runs almost straight out from the pier is also a good place to try. If you can cast into those area on some days you can do real well I have found when I get down that way. You still will need to use a sinking line but those areas will produce. One of these days I will try the far side of the lake. Coldwater is a young lake so almost all the food is deep and surface action is limited. If you live close to Coldwater you might try the South Side of the mountain as well. Lake Merril will even give you some dry fly fishing at times for both Brown and Cutthroat. It worth the drive for this great flyfishing only lake.


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The key to fishing Coldwater is the ability to cover a lot of water. I catch 99% of my fish 30' or less from the shore. This time of year is a great time to sight fish. The fish are cruising along the shore looking for some easy pickings. I fished it last Saturday and did well for bows and cutts to 17" sight fishing. Saw a couple piggys as well. This type of fishing is a blast. Spot a fish, cast in front of it and hang on. I would spend most of my time fishing the northern half of the lake. Also, believe it or not there were numerous hatches coming off and the fish were keying in on the hatch. I'm sure this cold weather has put a halt to any more big hatches. Which should make the trout less picky.

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