Purdy & Ollala 2/13 (nada)

I went out to Purdy on Sunday (2-12-06) and hit the last couple hours of the outgoing tide.

Although it was a beautiful day, I came up empty handed. I fished up and down the beach from 10:00A till about 12:30P using clousers in pink, green, and blue patterns. I gave up at Purdy and hit Ollala for a couple hours and came up empty there as well.

I didn't see any fish jumping at either place, but lots of waterfowl were feeding in both areas, so I'm assuming that the baitfish are present.

I'm still a novice at fly fishing, so don't take this report too serious. There could be SRC there, maybe I just couldn't get them interested. :confused:



Native Trout Hunter
Purdy has really been kind hit and miss with the way the tides are lately, one of the keys though is to cover the water, take a few cast at a spot then move down the beach 20 ft or so and try a few more cast until you run into the fish.

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