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Boat ideas

I am thinking of buying a boat for puget sound fishing. does anyone have any ideas, size, brand, design?


Thing bigger then puget sound Dave! Get a 21' grady white or boston whaler, then we can take her offshore for tuna out of westport. Or make the run to swiftsure in no time.

If you really want to stick to the sound you should decide if you want a boat that you can get around in, or something simple and economical. Most importantly it should come down to how much you want to spend and how much you can spend.


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if you are looking at just the sound and hood canal for fly fishing... look at the semi v boats with a good open front deck, and not too much clutter in the back. Whaler or grady, the older models seem better designed for my purposes...
If you want a cabin, gear fish, blackmouth in the winter, they all add to the problem...
what do you want this boat for? there is not one that covers all of the above well.

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Boat ideas

dave said:
I am thinking of buying a boat for puget sound fishing. does anyone have any ideas, size, brand, design?
Horsepower preference or limitations? Size criteria? Aluminum or fiberglass? Price range? Purpose of use? Storage (garage, open storage, etc.) issues? Weight/towing issues? Tiller/console/or . . . ? Fishing by yourself primarily, or with one or two others, or . . . ? Keep it for the long term, or ?
If you're looking to fish inside sound beaches, I'd recommend a small aluminum skiff. I fish a 14 ft Lund with a 15hp kicker. I like this approach, as the small skiff is light enough to drag up the beach (and more importantly, down the beach when fishing the outgoing tide and good fishing or lack of attention leaves the boat dry). Sometimes I wish I had a little more boat when the wind kicks up and I get blown off the water, but I'll trade that for the flexibility of using my boat primarily for access (I almost always have my favorite beaches to myself, as I fish mostly beaches w/out easy public access) and then just wading the beach.

The one item still on my wish list is a foot controlled saltwater electric trolling motor for cruising just off the beach and casting to shore or trolling. I find anchoring is usually too much hassle and drifting free usually doesn't work well either, as I like to move up and down the beach to find fish, and a foot controlled electric would enable me to stay oriented to the beach and have hands free to cast, since I am usually fishing in substantial current and/or wind.

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