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James Mello

Inventor of the "closed eye conjecture"
trout990 said:
Mine will be in the mail tommorow. I meant to have them out sooner but i kinda forgot about them. Ive had the flu for about 5 days now.
So what does Ive's flu have to do with the swap? :) :) :) :thumb:


Piscatorial predilection
Better quarantine those flys!, James, I got a enough crap to deal with already. I don't need, or want, Ive's flu virus, thanks. :eek:


James Mello

Inventor of the "closed eye conjecture"
Our coordinator in the office is on route to the Postoffice as we speak Stephen. Expect those flies to be in your hands tommorow :)

Also, as a side note, the "cats" required too much rabbit strip fur, so I did a thing that someone showed me recently. It looks (IMO) pretty good, and is a very easy tie :)

-- Cheers
-- James
looks like the last few are coming. with any luck I should have back in the mail at least by the 18th. Hey anybody got a good camera for posting the flies?
Okay I got Backyard's, James Mello's and Cabezon's today. all that is left is Trout990 and I am sure those will be here tomorrow. They all look great! this has shaped up to be a darn good swap! thanks everybody. hopefully I should get everyone's back in the mail Monday at the latest. And don't forget If anybody has a good camera let us know so we can get them posted.
Hey im really sorry about this but i couldn't get anyone to take me to the post office. Ill have them at the post office on monday. I halready have a ride lined up. Again, im really sorry about the delay.
Okay I got Trout990's flies and I got everything split out and packed up. Just one thing before I close them up I do have extras from everybody, if anyone wants there xtras back let me know by friday morning and I will send them along. if not they go on Sat morning. This was a good swap and all of the flies were outstanding! thanks alot guys ! :beer2:


Sculpin Enterprises
Yea!!! I'm looking forward to seeing everybody's creative efforts. It sounds as if you have enough extra flies, Steve, to do a fairly scientific comparison of the catching abilities of the various ties. I hope that you have lots of opportunities this spring and summer for "experimentation". Thanks for putting this together and handling the logistics.


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