South Fork of the Skykomish

I was thinking of going ou and fish it this weekend. A friend told me there is some decent trout fishing. Is this true, should I fish. Thanks,Mark


I fished the S/Fork from Red Bridge camp ground up river several places on Tuesday. Had some hits. Nothing big. Tried Elk Hair Caddis,Stimulators,Humpies. Went over Barlow Pass and fished the Sauk below Elliot Creek. Nothing there. Water real low on both rivers. The Sauk closes from Elliot Creek up on the 1st of September. Maybe I should have tried nymphs,but my dries were sinking and they didn't hit them either. Jim S.
Mark, there are a few trout in the south fork of the Sky, access is the only problem. If you can find a area to get to the river look for shelves and bottom color changes. I have been fishing the SF for many years and the biggest fish to date has been 14", with the average size running 10". You might try Money creek if your in the area, lots of smaller fish, but lots of them.. a 10" trout there is big. On MC, just about any fly works, look for any flat pool and fish will rise, on the SF I have had my best luck with a tan comparadun fished in the evening.
Good Luck and let us know how you do !!

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