Do aluminum boats even exist anymore?

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Looking for a 10' or 12' aluminum. I swear it's easier to find fish than it is boats! :beathead: I'm about 40 miles north of spokane and looking for something reasonably close. Thanks. (If you know of someone who sells them "new" in the general area that would be great too)
In Spokane check out Skipper Bill's. My neighbor has a 12' older aluminum with trl., priced very reasonable for knock around boat. I have a 2000 Fisher V1264 w/ King trlr & 2000 15 hp. Mercury, 2 fishfinders & Minn Kota, near new condition for $3000. I'm 100 mi. W. of Spokane.
i would think about the length of this boat you are looking for???? honestly, we
call boats that size, MAN DROWNERS, around here. very, very unstable in the water. there is a 12' out there made by starcraft that is pretty stable. if you can, try and find one with a 50" beam, i am sure you will be better satisfied. you
will be trying to sell that 10' in no time, for your own safety. good luck-fisheye-
There were two for sale in the Tacoma Tribune today. But I agree that 10 & 12 foot aluminum boats are best avoided (I had a 10' john boat & felt it was dangerous with me and my dog, even in still water); I had a 16' bayrunner and it was small for fishing the straits with 2 people, fine for scooting around south sound until a tug or commercial fishing boat took aim at you (better be quick on the trigger to get her fired up and bow swung towards the bow wave); I wouldn't have wanted a 14'; if I get another, it would probably be an 18'. For lakes only, I could go with a 14.
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