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Has anyone seen Art Lingren's new book " Contemporary Patterns of BC" on sale yet? It is suppose to get released at the end of this month. It's being published by Amato Books in Portland and will have some outstanding patterns in it from what I've heard.
I want to get my hands on it.
I ordered a copy in January - at the time, Amato said they were releasing the book in February.

In hitting their website, it appears that the release date has been moved to March.

Knowing Amato's track record, it *may* be on the shelves by Christmas. :beathead:

In any event, I'm sure looking forward to it.



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Hello Randy.

Paul Jacobsen here from Nelson BC Canada. I am one of the contributing tyers to Art's new book.

First print proof of the book apparently came out too dark on some scans so they went back to be redone for final print.

The anticipated release is now going to be most likely towards the early part of April. They had originally thought first of March but now with the rescanning to lighten pictures it will add some time.

Hopefully no more delays

Best Regards
Thanks Paul looking forward to seeing your contribution to the book. This ought to be one good pattern book for contempoary patterns.
I'm looking forward to also seeing my good friend Herman Fischers ' Flies. He gives me allot of consrtructive comments and is one heck of a fly tyer.


Spey Fishing the Mighty Columbia......
Herman is an unbelievable tier...he has some of the nicest looking home made tools I have ever seen. Ask to see his tool he uses for applying lead wire to his scud patterns.....genius. I asked him to market them years ago. He pointed out the fact that there are so many tool mfgs these days that he would stand little chance of being successful.

My patterns in the book are my Dragon Fly nymph pattern ( Darner ) a Columbia River Carpenter Ant pattern and a shrink tube Alevin pattern with flash inside the body tube and a hot glue gun yoke sac. Dynamite on coastal cutts.

Can't wait to see the finished product. Art Lingren puts together wonderful books you will treasure for years.

You're right Hermans tools are awesome. He made me an entire set for my Renzetti with the tool caddys that are attached to the vise stem. I like the lead cutting tool but, love the hook bending tool because I tye allot of Stonefly nymphs. I also like his dubbing teaser tool. The guy's a genious! I often visit him when I visit my friends in Kamloops and it certainly ends up being a learning experience of some kind. Looking forward to seeing your work also in Art's new book.
Randy Diefert
Just got my copy on Thursday before I headed off to Beautiful BC! Wow, are the photographs ever sharp. The fly patterns are awesome with some of the best tyers in Canada represented. Our own Norsmans' flies are a sight to be seen. I still like my buddy Hermans flies too. This is a great book that will give you many ideas for the tying bench.
Well, after much ado and anticipation, I finally got a copy of Mr. Lingren's book.

If you're British Columbia bound, 'Contemporary Fly Patterns of B.C.' would be a good resource. However, if you're more inclined to be a creative or artistic tyer, you may be disappointed.

I wasn't. they're all "fishing flies" that are proven. as he said in the introduction. I thought he did a great job on the book highlighting the tyers that were presented. I'm sure that they (the Tyers) can produce magnificent works of Art too.; but that's not what the book is about. I liked the fact that recipes were given for each fly and found some of the commentaries that followed interesting. But, then I love B.C.,it's Fly's and of Course it's fishing. Maybe that's why I found something positive out of this book. Everytime I pick it up it brings back some memories for me. That Doesn't mean that I also don't like to look at books containg those beautiful Atlantic Salmon Flies and Realistics either; Some will enjoy this book simply because of the simplicity of some of the proven patterns displayed in this book.And the photography is great.

I completely agree with your opinion that the book is a great resource for proven BC "fishing flies". And I'm certain that the featured tyers could have produced magnificent (and pragmatic) works of art.

I own two other Lingren-authored books; his first publication on British Columbia fly patterns and a wonderful book on the flies of Roderick Haig-Brown. The flyplates are detailed and crisp, the flies are beautifully dressed, and with Art being the definitive authority on BC flyfishing the writing is superb. Maybe it's because I hold the quality of those first two books in such high regard that I found Mr. Lingren's latest offering to be lacking.

While Mr. Lingren's writing is (as usual) informative and in-depth - it was the photography itself and the quality of some of the dressings, "simple" or otherwise, that disappointed me.

Please understand that I mean absolutely no disprespect to the author, the contributing tyers, or fishing clubs featured in "Contemporary Fly Patterns of British Columbia". It's just my opinion that it could have been a much better publication than it is.


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