Saltwater State Park

I fished it one day last summer. I thought it would be productive given the small stream that dumps out there. However, it was dead as can be: no fish, no bumps, no jumpers, no seals, no nothin'. Ever since that day I have never been back.
I was there today for SRC's but no strikes. I was going to start fishing for flounder, but ran out of time and left. (But she canceled dinner. :mad: )
A seasoned angler, said he never get any hits. If I ever have to there, I will try for flounder. Did anybody catch flounder there?


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Has anyone had any luck at Seahurst Park or Des Moines Marina? Or off the Three Tree Point, not sure exactly how to get out to the point though.
You can not from the way I read the regs fish off of the beach at Des Moines Marina the only place you can fish is off the fishing pier which would be a little high to fly fish from. If you can find a way to fish of the beach at Three tree point there are fish to be had as proved by all the boats fishing around the point it self. I had some very good fishing days out there at times from the boat.


Nolan - I'd stick to browns point or the narrows if you're looking for close beach fishing. Dash Point beach is ok on a lower tide, it's a pretty sandy beach though and not a lot to be caught there besides sculpin and flounder unless the salmon are running through.


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What about Point No Point at this time of year, or just inside Foulweather Bluff in the Canal? Anyone beach fish that? Once in a while we catch cutties off No Point early in the summer.

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