For sale or trade: NEW SA Mastery 67 reel

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Scientific Anglers Mastery 67 (6/7 weight) reel. New, but without box or papers since it was a store display. It has not ever been used or even had backing on the spool. I did switch the clutch to left-hand retrieve but will gladly switch it back if you prefer (or show you how to do it since there are no papers). Retail seems to be somewhere in the $210 range, but searching the internet I found it on sale for $150.

I got a good deal on it, but my plans for this season changed when I picked up a new Redington 3/4 stick.

$100 or will trade for similar-valued 3/4 weight reel.

Am I asking too much $$? I'd really rather trade it for a nice 3 or 4 weight reel than deal with money, but I figured I should at least put up a ballpark price...

Is there something I should know about this reel that makes it undesirable?

Any comments are welcome.

Eric (very much a newb)
Erick, The SA mastrey reels are great reels that were made by Hardy for them. I have the 8/9 and have never had a problem with it. They were discontinued and most sold off cheap. I think that the reel is a much better reel than the teton and tiogas and a lot of the other reels on the market in the $200 range (own opinion). I think that most people are just caught up with the Large arbour thing and that is why a lot of the standard reels are selling for so cheap.
If I was you I would hold on to the reel since it would make a great reel for larger trout and would be an excellent reel for steelhead on rivers like the grand ronde. Go out and get a pflueger 1492 for the three wt and buy the six wt rod I have for sale to go with the SA. (ha ha)

Thanks for the info - that kind of confirms what I suspected... If nobody wants it, I'll just hold onto it until it's needed.

Now - who has a decent 4wt reel for sale?? :D
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