freighter ships

theres a few of them anchored in manchester on the shelf there. anybody else see them anchored anywhere? wonder how long it will go like this. seen it on the news that it is costing the country 2 million or billion dollars a say. Ben

on average 1 baby salmon is killed for every 15 herring shocked for sale. at a low estimate


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IWLU will never give in, they hold all the cards for resolving this thing. I know lots of longshoremen, they are some tough SOB's. I don't get thing about herring and baby salmon? what are you trying to say? Just asking, no pun intended. :DUNNO YT
a herring business in the south sound nets herring and baby salmon, and src's hang with the herring in the shallows at night and early morning when they net. I've been talkin to alot of people about it lately. they more than likely kill more baby salmon than anything. just want more people to know it. thats all. a comrade of mine used to be employed at one of them recently and thats the ratio he estimates it to be and some older boys who worked in the gig harbor days in the past have the same story. hopefully the state will see one day the damage to resident salmon around fox island and other parts of the south sound where they concentrate fishing for herring. they were working overtime all season and last to keep up with the charter businesses also. Ben

on average 1 baby salmon is killed for every 15 herring shocked for sale in the south sound.


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Sorry about picking up on the political thread, but I've talked with those longshoremen. It's really the coalition of dock owners (The Pacific Maritime Association) that are to be held responsible for the ports being shut down. The ILWU just feels that if 10 ILWU union jobs are to be eliminated by one job, then that one job should be worked by a union man. Meanwhile, the PMA refuses to let in the ILWU to any work that involves a computer. Even with these key pads in the trucks, all keys are taped over except one--just so the PMA won't have to pay the workers extra for running a computer. The thing is that there are plenty of ILWU members that do know how to operate a computer that can do the "new technology" jobs. Like, how many of you out there have a college degree that can operate the computer in front of you? That is the real crux of the issue. The PMA are the ones that want total control of the docks; they are the ones that don't want to share.
There are two legitimate sides to this issue, which is why its so difficult to resolve. The fact that you've "talked with those longshoremen" certainly does not give you any special insight or credibility. Even if it did, this is not the place to make your case on labor issues. Now if there's a freighter parked on top of your favorite fishing hole, that's worth talking about. Otherwise, let's debate this one somewhere else.


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