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I have just ordered my first one man pontoon boat for fly fishing.. I would like to have two rods rigged up...one for nymphing and one for dries..or for steelies, one for drifting and one for swining a fly...are there devices to hold a second rod rigged and out of the way so that it is accessible and doesn't interfere with fishing the other rod?

You bet there is, Scotty comes to my mind right off. They have some nice rod holders with various mounts. Check with the company you are ordering your pontoon boat from they may have a set up that is made for your boat.

I like to have two rods with me as well. It makes it nice especially if you are using different types of fly line.

Good Luck
What boat did you get? I'm getting an Xstream from Sos in Tukwila. I figure you can mount a wall mount rod holder across the top of the pontoon on the frame so you can just clip in a rod horizontal, keeps it out of the way, no tangles. Gonna practice on a lake first this weekend, then hit the Satsop. Bob.

Mike Ediger

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I also use the Scotty's. They work great, about $20 I think. Can't go wrong. Since I cast right handed I put my second rod behind me on the left pontoon and I never have a problem with the extra rod getting in the way.
A strip of velcro with a small patch of hook works for me. I just lay my extra rod down on the tube and fasten it to the frame. I only fish with single handers, so there isn't much sticking out past my pontoons.
I have an outcast 8 ft model, this was my main craft until I bought a boat last year. Absolutely loved it, still do, just have to find an excuse to use it.

I have a scotty rail mount fly rod holder on the boat, works great. They also have one for float tubes that has a velcro strap that goes around the tube, might want to consider that one as well.

You should really enjoy your pontoon.



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The idea of just a couple of velcro strips on the frame and wrapping these around the rod when not in use. Lay the rod lengthwise on the pontoon. I'd keep the reel towards the front for easier access. Congrats on the pontoon boat. I have a basic Sportsman Warehouse model, but I absolutely love it. Keeps your butt a lot warmer than a float tube.


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Currently use nothing, but with this talk, I am going to have to get something. I think I will go with the scotty holder.



For what it's worth, I recommend carrying your extra rod(s) low and horizontal to your boat. What I've rigged on my Southfork is this: On both vertical end sections of my siderails, I mounted a short section of heavy insulated housewire (3-wire flat) bent "up, out, and up." I attached these pieces to the framing with small pipe straps. I can bend the wiring over the rod to secure it and they're easy to remove as well. I've now got room to carrying a total of four rods; all low and out of the way from my casting! Works great!:thumb: Also, I make it a habit of approaching any brush or beach area by rowing forward. Got to remember what you have extending out the back!


Rich Layendecker
Just a different point of view - I mount my spare rod vertically went I am lake fishing. Mounted horizonatally I was concnered about damaging the rod tip. Mounted vertically in a short piece of tube tied to the pontoon behind my left shoulder the rod doesn't interfere with casting and switching rods doesn't require untying anything.

Shawn Seeger

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Hey Barry... I hope you are happy with your new purchase... one of my buddies loves his! And the rod holder that I built works just fine on his.

Hey Ral... I am with you... I take 3 rods must every trip in the pontoon, the 2 that I am not using usually get broke down when not in use... sometimes they stay together and very rarely have I had the back cast catch a cross wind that tangles.



I would worry about a horizontal when getting in and out on the lake.

Tight lines and Cheers! :beer2:

P.S. If you are right handed mount on the left side of your boat and vise-versa

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