South Sound Report 3/3


Left handed Gemini.
I went out yesterday fairly early to catch the outgoing at a little beach not far from my home, there were fish moving around with some surface activity got a follow on on popper but I kept missing the fish and after 3 times it wouldn't have anything to do with it. I did catch 1 searun about 12" that took an olive clouser that plus a couple of bumps was it for me. I was standing there casting when 5 or 6 guys showed up the most people I've ever seen at this beach and they procceded to put on a show, wow it was something to watch I had no idea there were so many cutts. around, they walked out to a little point and just started catching fish. I noticed it seemed like 2 guides and 3 guys fishing and they got into the searuns, they were using shock and awes with great success, of course I didn't have any something I'll be changing soon, when I got home I looked up the pattern here, I like the way they look and the design is great. I talked to them later as I was leaving to find out what they were using and if anyones interested I think they were from Emeraldwaters really nice guys and they really got their clients into some fish.

Mike Etgen

Not Quite A Luddite, But Can See One From Here
I was at Olalla yesterday afternoon getting thoroughly skunked and saw a group of five go north up the beach and beyond where I could see at about 3:30. I wonder if it was the same group...they were definitely flyfishermen, looked to be in their 30's, more or less; couldn't tell for sure but not everyone was carrying rods.

Oh yeah, did I mention getting skunked?

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