does anyone ever have luck over by the tolt,and or the snoqualmie? seems to be a great place togo after work and kill the remainder of the day off. just not having any luck, got some spots? i would like to find some more places by fall city! im downtown -seattle- so that is the quickest spots for me , anything is much apprecieted, thanks -bhudda


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This will not be helpful but I will tell you a true story about fishing the confluence of the Tolt and Snoqualmie right there at MacDonald Park. I was 10 years old and my family was camping up there at MacDonald park. I have been a mad crazy fisherman for as long as I have been able to walk. Not always flyfishing but always fishing. At this particular time in my life I was drowning alot of worms. I woke up before the crack of dawn. It must have been fall because it was cold. I hiked up the tolt in my shorts and tennis shoes and caught and released 18 trout between 10 and 12 inches. I then made my way back down to the confluence and found that the river was lined with Fishermen equipt with waders and big giant rods, vests, hats etc.. and they were chucking all kinds of colorful and smelly baits and lures. None of them were having any luck. I couldn't figure out why they were so geared up just to catch some little trout. I decided that I would fish right along with them, hopefully to find out what they were trying to catch. I threaded on a night crawler and squeezed in between two of these guys. No sooner did my worm start bouncing along the bottom then I had my first hookup with a steelhead. He was on just long enough for every fisherman in the vicinity to give me the most blank and amazed stares. I was quite puzzled myself but well pleased. In the next 30 minutes I had at least 4 more hookups with big steelies. I was never able to land anything. They just ripped my worms off and went on their way. These fishermen were flabbergasted to say the least. So there you have it. Totally unhelpful unpertinent information that will probably stir up all kinds of upset feelings about the evils of baitfishing. Hey I was a kid, I've repented.


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Most fly folks fish the reach of the Snoqualmie between the falls and not far below Fall City. Some of the most productive reaches are off of Fish Hatchery Road.

I know of a few guys that do well for summer runs on the Snoq. but I am not one.

The Tolt gets steelhead, and gets a pretty good run of winter fish. In the summer it can be a good cutthroat stream.

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Well Bhudda,let me tell you that when I was a kid(early80's)
my brother took me and some of his friends to sno. about 300yards below the falls.We sat there most of the day using lures and bait, caught nothin . A fly fisherman came down to the river, waded out , on his first cast hooked and landed a huge steelhead . Ever since that day I wanted to fly fish . Now that I am I went back up to that same spot this last weekend all I caught was fingerlings, and saw some guy with a lure on his 6th cast or so hook a steely and loose it. About 5 min. later land another one. That was sat. Guess were I was monday ,same spot, after I bought more fly's. But same outcome just fingerlings. So basicaly I have no advise , because I also need help!!! :CONFUSED :REALLYMAD Ted

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The Tolt from the confluence with the Snoq on up to where the private property starts on the NW side of the river has tons of access (there is an old road above the bridge that runs up that side that you can walk). There used to be a fair number of small pools on this stretch that held a few trout of decent size. Something happened to this stretch over the winter and many of these pools are gone or greatly diminished. You can also get on the Tolt further upstream from the road that starts in the middle of Carnation and runs along the NW side river once you get out of town (I forget the name of this road). There is at least one obvious public fishing spot (a very small parking lot with a public fishing sign), where you can follow a short trail to the river. Although there are houses along this stretch, the state owns fishing easements that you can use (high water mark plus some number of feet - think it's 10 but may be twenty). There used to be some nice pools along here too, but I haven't fished it since last fall so don't know what it's like right now. Other than trout, there are supposedly steelies on this river, though I've never seen one. I did see a fair number of chums last fall.

With regard to the Snoqualmie, if you ever find a place that isn't overrun with other anglers let me know. There is a lot of good water on this river from Carnation up to the falls (possibly below Carnation but I've never fished below there), but hard to find any room to fly fish -- at least at the spots I know of that are accessible for wading. One of these days I will explore with my pontoon boat to see if there's anything decent that is off the beaten path. If you're going during the week, you could try the Snoq. at the confluence with the Tolt, right there in Fall City and at various spots along the Fish Hatchery road (or on the opposite side of the river, where the crowds are a little thinner in my experience). It is possible you might miss the crowds.
For some reason I end up fishing the Tolt about once a week. Most of the trout are tiny, but I've gotten a few in the 10-12" range. All summer I've only seen one steelhead in the Tolt. I was so surprised when I saw him sitting in the water next to me that I tripped over a rock and scared him off. The fishing seems to get better the farther upstream from the Snoqualmie you go. However, The farthest I've made it is about a mile upstream.
Buffalo: Those "tiny trout" are steelhead smolts. Please treat 'em with the utmost care, as the native runs on the Tolt are in poor shape these days.

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Ahh, the famed san juan worm, being a native of New Mexico and having fished the San Juan dozens of times, I am a true advocate of the fly. Although the worm populations in the 'Juan are going down, the fish still hit them, usually as a type of attractor fly with a dropper below it. As to your question, I really don't know if they work, i've never tried, although i know they work well in most other streams for trout, so I don't know why they wouldn't work for steelies. You can always give it a shot. :LOVEIT

thanks Ted,im in the same boat, i enjoy my time on the sno. and tolt , just tired of fingerlings. need some dadddies, eh -bhudda

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Buffalo: Those "tiny trout" are steelhead smolts. Please treat 'em with the utmost care, as the native runs on the Tolt are in poor shape these days.

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I strongly second that sentiment. The native runs have been in terrible shape for a long time. I spent many years fishing and a few years snorkling (counting fish) on the Tolt. After snorkling every few weeks from early spring to late fall depending on water conditions and seeing how few steelhead there really were I probably won't fish the Tolt again in this lifetime.

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