Swap Size 20 and Smaller Tax Day Swap


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After experimenting with a few patterns and getting used to tieing on a size 20 hook, I think I finally have my swap pattern figured out.

I don't have a maginifer, so my next step is to use my camera to take a few close up \ macro pics. I've tied up 5 already, so I'm hoping they look good when blown up in a digi pic...

mr trout

Trevor Hutton
I'll be tying a fully dressed atlantic salmon fly size 22...HAHA!
Not really of course, I'll try and get them (whatever they end up being) sent out by weeks end.
Okay guys, you still send in only ten flies, but you get 11 back. I like everyone to get a complete set of fllies, including one of your own. Mine submission is just a bonus. Probably so poorly tied it shouldn't be called a bonus.

Trevor, I'm expecting one fully dressed salmon fly, size 22, as a gift for the old swapmeister.

I know you guys realize I have really old eyes, so nobody send in an empty envelope and tell me you sent in size 32's.

Looking forward to seeing these.



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I finished mine last night. I'm starting to wonder about my pattern though. I started out with a pretty cool concept - but it was hard to keep it consitent looking from fly to fly. What I eventually settled on is pretty darned simple to tie, but I'm certain it will be a hit at the lakes this spring :)

But now that I look back through the gallery - I'm impressed with the quality of most of those ties. Night and day from mine. Yes, I've only been tying for less than 2 months, but I still want to give something everyone will appreciate. I think I'll tie up another set and see if it turns out better since I have the time...
ChadK, you've got more guts than I do, my friend.

I noticed that I neglected to put my snail mail addy in the swap announcement. It's there now.

This is already fun. I get to hear my wife, VEE, muttering about size 22 wally wings.

I don't believe this. I've got one set of flies in my hand from ChadK and another set in the mail. Talk about your basic overachievers. I bet you guys already have your IRS refunds in the bank too.

Great job guys, like to see them early. Now the rest of us slackers have something to shoot for.



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Wow, they got there fast :)

I just realized that I never double checked the eyes for glue. I wanted to be sure and point this out before anyone spends too much time trying to thread a size 20 hook eye that has been glued shut.

mike doughty

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i haven't even started my flies because i have been busy tying for my steelhead trip this weekend, but will start as soon as i get back on monday. i got my tax money and spent last month.