Swap Size 20 and Smaller Tax Day Swap

Flies aren't done, but my return is in the bank! I figure if the government owes me money, why wait? I guess the better question is why give them more than they need in the first place?
Trevor, Your flies arrived in todays mail. Very nicely done.

Desmond, as an ex-accountant I had several clients that thought paying the IRS was like having a bank account. After a couple years I finally convinced them to change their W-4 and put the money in an interest bearing account. They are much happier now, and I'm retired.

VEE handed me her ties for the swap just a few minutes ago. I guess the big advatage to being married to the swapmeister is the savings on postage. She doesn't get to see the flies until I shoot the pictures though. Fair is fair.



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Hey Ron, my flies are finished and I will have them in the mail either Monday, or if I am fishin, Tuesday. This Marysville-Rockport commute makes it tough to get to the PO, lol
Davey, I understand completely.

Mike, your package arrived today, but there was just some toe tags and reeeeeeeeally tiny beads in the box. Oh, wait. Vickie just got out the 20X magnifer and there are flies attached to those beads. Hope you guys have some 20X tippet laying around.

Hey Ron, I've got my size 20's done. If you don't mind, I'd like to send them with my flies for the marathon swap, I expect to finish those up tonight so everthing will be in the mail no later than Wednesday. I can wait to get my 20's until the first week of May when you send out the marthon flies.
Desmond, sounds good to me. Was just about to post a reminder to all those with flies still sitting on their bench that time is starting to get close on this one. About time to drop them in the mail.

Desmond and Steve, your flies arrived in the afternoon mail. Looking good, Guys.

Trout990, I'm mailing the flies out on Monday afternoon. Hopefully yours will get here before then. (Check the first post as to due dates and shipping time.)