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That's a nice football you got there. Looks like some of the fish i've seen takin outta the 'Pan. Kinda looks like there's a little cutt' in that fish. Anyway, congrats on the catch. :THUMBSUP



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Yeah thanks,

I just stumbled across that pic and thought some people might want to see it. I love it when the fellas post good pics. It is inspiring for me. Anyway, so Ryan when you say "Pan" You mean the Idaho Pan handle? Where do you like to fish?

Also I have no idea if that fish had a little cut in it. But come to think of it I am pretty sure it didn't I haven't seen any Hybrids in that river. But I guess you never know. They have cuts and they have bows and browns, that's all I have ever caught in there. I learned this lethal sow bug pattern from some Old Zen Master of the Provo and from that day on I've been completely addicted to that river. I would have guys all the time coming into Utah from out of state to fish the Green only to end up back on the Provo because they just had so much more success on it. Yeah it get's hit hard but I'm telling you, that fishery is unreal. I've caught so many fish with multiple flies sticking out of thier mouths. They fight light madmen and they are hardy and healthy.

Macrowdy, I was talking about the infamous(i guess) fryingpan river, near basalt, colorado. There are some very nice fish in the pan atlhough they look like footballs, they fight incredibly hard, and get fatter by the day primarily from mysis shrimp. You should fish it sometime, but it can get quite crowded.

I fished the Provo regularly while I went to college at BYU. (Please, no jokes about their mediocre football team!)

If you want a fun side trip for an afternoon, head up the South Fork of the Provo. It's a SMALL stream that holds browns and rainbows. The stream is probably only 6-8 feet wide at most stretches. It was alot of fun to sight fish the spawning browns in the fall. The fish aren't as large as the main Provo, but they were there up to 18". Anyways, if you get the chance, it's worth a quick side trip.

- Tom

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