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Our backyard is full of boats and I am in the process of a human powered fishing boat review for a popular outdoor mag.

I just had the opportunity to play around with Liquid Logic's new fishing boat. All that I can say is WOW! These guys did it right - they built the boat from the ground up, not just screwing a rod holder into an existing boat.

I have no idea of the boat's cost (yet) or who carries it around here (yet). If you are looking for a baot - and I post this because it has been a reoccuring topic - check this one out.

What other boats have you paddled for fishing and how do you compare the LL against them? I'm assuming this is the Manta Ray, but did you paddle the 12 or the 14?



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RE Manta Ray - I have the 12. I would like the 14 for personal use.

I am used to paddling pretty fast boats - stuff that is 17' - 21' long, 17" - 18" wide, so anything much past 21" wide feels sluggish - these boats even more so. Over the years I have product tested / paddled pretty much every boat that floats, so I usually don't get stoked about much of anything anything.

What really impresses me me about the LL boat is how well thought out the shittizzle is. The hull was developed for fishing so it would ride dry, rod holder placement is spot on, storage is at your finger tips, little bungies that secure the boat's side carry handles so they aren't in your way, tethers so you can wade and drag the boat with you, anchor lashings - they just really thought it through. They must have been sitting around under the clarity that alcohol brings and saying, "How can we make the best boat for fishing" as opposed to "How can we tweak one of our boats so fishermen would buy it."

Given my druthers I would like to see one at 16' long, in carbon / Kevlar, weighing in at under 30 pounds and be able to sustain 5.5 knots per hour. Of course, that won't happen. However of all of the boats that I have seen the LL is, hands down, the shit.
Thanks,The 12 will do me fine as I fish lakes most of the time and when the ocean calls the fishing is not that far out.It does sound like they did there homework with the boats and I'm looking foward to getting mine wet and covered in fish slime....one question I do have is ...how or do they make the 12' so one can mount a rudder(like it for drifting and fish control) or will I have to make a mount?...Thanks,Alan