Swap Chironomid & Catch

Perhaps a new twist, perhaps not but I have an idea.

I would like to host a chironomid swap with 5 others, then put together catch results from each pattern being used on your favorite trout lake. Tie up 6 of your favorite chironomid pattern, send me five and keep one for your control pattern. As soon as I get all six patterns, I will divy them up and send back.

Now comes the fun part. Give each pattern the same consideration fishing your favorite lake. Use the same presentation and time for each (for example, depth 8 ft for 30 minutes, etc). Send your results including where, when, how, number of fish caught, etc. I know it's not perfect science, but it should be fun and interesting.

Flies must be submitted to me by March 24, and fishing must be completed and reported by April 30. The first five to respond with a resounding YEP are in. REVISED: MAKE THAT REPORTS BY MAY 14 !!!


i gotta slow down with these swaps, i think im in like 4 of them right now. Ohh and my report will come to you on april 29th. I have this place i always go that opens on opening day.

Nick Riggs

I've been known to fish from time to time...
I want to join, but I seem to have a hard time catching any fish. I can tie alright, but I might not be able to report back on my catches, because i probably won't have any.Can I still partake?
Hey Hog,
Don't worry about your fish catching abilities. Besides, this forum is a great place to ask questions for that exact purpose. I would be glad to share some of my tactics that have worked for me.
AbsoluteHog, You're welcome to join me when I fish any of the lakes. I'll get you on right track in a hurry.:thumb: I'll be heading up to Pass Lake on March 19th if you'd like to join me.

Will Atlas

actually the lakes on the westside are open year round unless otherwise listed. There is plenty of open water right now.