D.D./Yancy Sink Tip Lines For Winter Run Steelies

Just wondering your opinions on this type of sinking tip fly line? I'm in the market for a sink tip(s) for the winter run this Nov.
Contemplating wether to keep my type5 444SL and just cut it and add a type4 and braid it, or just get an entirely new multi-tip system.

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I have fished with this line when I went out for a morning with Mike Dickson (son and co-guide). It's basically a big floating head that is welded/joined to a Cortland running line.

It does cast well, but I did not find it to be revolutionary. If you have a type 5 that you are happy with then I would cut it, add braided loops, and then buy other tips to set up the same way as needed.

I have tried both the Rio multitip system and the Airflo system, and I think they are both adequate too if you don't want the hassle, but cutting it yourself would save a lot of $$.


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After last winter I am sure that the only way to get down to the fish on the Sky is to fish fast sinking shooting heads. I like the individual heads and running line, but an integrated head/running line could work too.

I fished both a SA Wet Tip, Type 4 and an Airflo Multitip with a Type 6 tip, and I am sure that I just presented my flies over their heads.

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